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Secret Social Media Messaging Apps for Teens
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Instant messaging apps are very popular in young teenagers no time ever before. The modern technological world in the shape of digital media platforms such as Facebook allow teens to share their photos, videos, posts and do chat and group chat on Facebook messenger with hundreds of online friends. 

Secret Social Media Messaging Apps:

The dangers of unfamiliar instant messaging apps are that they are nasty and spread cyber bullying among the teens and as well as filled with the unstable content.  Most of the young teens use this type of instant messenger in a complete secrecy from their parents. Young teenagers use these secret messaging apps for plenty of reasons, they do texting, sexting, cyber bullying and for chasing their boyfriends through dating messengers. There are following some apps which teens use under complete secrecy.

Kik Messenger:

Similar to other instant messengers Kik empower users to do text messages, videos and pictures and even it allow you to do everything from chat such as chat with strangers and also allow you to trade greeting cards. The very best thing for Kik users they can even hide their name while talking with strangers online. The question arises why then this particular social messaging app is the best than other instant messengers are its groundbreaking features. It allows users when to read their messages, and has the capacity to search the web through within the app, allow you to send limitless messages, the user can get content from Kik and even allow the user to send personal messages. We know until now its sounds quite good, but we are going to tell you three things that parents should monitor teens social media.

  • These types of hidden or secret apps are always tried to sell things to young users.  So parents need to keep a hidden eye on teens that what actually they are purchasing things online.
  • Kik allows users to reach the target strangers secretly. Urge teens to block strangers and don’t discuss her with strangers online.
  • Let’s suppose if the teen doesn't have awareness about settings of Kik messenger, they may wind up sending the post to all of the group users rather than selecting few. When you are going to allow your child to use Kik messenger, make sure the security through settings.



The user who uses these particular instant messaging applications can easily set time limits on videos and photos they have shared very before they are deleted. The developers who are created this social messaging app enable teens to use this app as a method to share light-hearted fun images without going public and therefore young teens use this instant messenger. There are following things which parents need know.

Secret messaging allows young teens to send carnal content in the shape of sexual pictures, videos to their boyfriends. Once the information in many forms has posted online, then it will not stop and will spread all over the online world.  The shared information will not stop at all and will not disappear. Another social platform is there known as Snapsaved which save all the pictures available on Snapchat or even deleted pictures. So, don’t even think about it, that even you have deleted your picture from Snapchat will disappear.


Young teenagers are free on this particular platform to do text messages, voice messaging, videos and line even allow users incorporate digital media feature like group chat and games. Teens are very fond of Line app because of the avatar-based network called Line Play, free video calls, and text messages and having almost ten thousand emotions and stickers. Therefore, when teen have this kind of stuff parents need-aware in following things.

  • If teens want to use in-app features they need to pay or either being parents you will have to.
  • Free communication, teens will be part of the line and they have to set fascinating emoji’s which comes with the price tag.
  • The online games also cost heavily to Line users.

The solution for Parents:

The very best thing to do is to make a friendly conversation with your teens regarding the usage of secret messaging apps. Tell them the risks and issues attach with online platforms, guide your teens about the apps and what sort of issues may occur. If you have recently come to know that your teen is using secretly some sort of instant messaging apps then use cell phone spy software to track teens all activities. Use IM’s Social media of the mobile phone surveillance app, it allows the user to spy all IM’s logs, IM’s chats, Media sharing, Voice messages, and others. The user can also spy on text messages through text messages spy app, it enables user to view iMessages monitoring, BBM chat messages, and MMs. The user can see all videos and photos your teens have shared on IM’s through view multimedia files of tracking software. It allows user to make screen shots in case of having a busy schedule, Look at their photos, videos, and voice recordings.


Parents have to teach some rules and precautions to young teens about instant messenger’s usage. Parents can prevent all the issues regarding social messaging apps by using the cell phone monitoring app.

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  .   Adnan Yousaf
Outstanding right up and quite impressive piece of information. Snapchat and other instant messengers such as dating apps no doubt creating the mess for teens. Parents need to be tech-savvy because young kids and teens are more tech-savvy than their parents. Parents should have deep knowledge regarding trendy social apps.
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