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Things you should avoid in a gamertag
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As people new to the internet are most likely to pick a bad gamertag, I’ll start at the beginning. For starters, an Xbox Live Gamertag is an online handle chosen by the user for use with Xbox Live. The gamertag will function as the user’s name in all social interactions on Xbox Live in everything from chats to playing games online. It will be the name used to identify your Xbox account and it will be shown in online leaderboards and score screens. You can also use a Xbox gamertag checker to get a good name.

For the sake of convenience, the easiest way to define a bad gamertag is to say that it is the opposite of a good gamertag, which begs the question – what makes a good gamertag? Well in short, a good or even great gamertag is one that is well recognized and rare. This usually means that it is a real word. For example, compare these two gamertags: Ninja and iBN1nJa3809. These two names are ostensibly the same word, but the depiction and connotation of them is changed dramatically by the addition of additional letters, numbers, and alternating capitalization.

Most importantly, an Xbox Live gamertag is unique meaning that no two are alike. This means that it can be difficult to find a good one because after trying and subsequently failing to find the name you want, you will probably settle on whatever is available.

The first tier of unfortunate gamertags is the one where the person has just been a bit shortsighted. Even an great name like Assassin or Butterfinger will most likely be shortened by your teammates and friends while online. So even clever additions to make a name unique will still result in you being called some rather rude names if out of nothing more than simple convenience.

Even worse than these are the people, who aren’t particularly clever and simply choose to add some numbers to the end to increase the uniqueness of a name. This is how you see names on Xbox Live where the user has started off with something like their initials and then tried a few different variations like adding the year that they were born or that they graduated high school. When these additions fail, they will choose a more complex number like the last four digits of their social security number. These names end up coming out as an uninspiring tangle of letters and numbers with the end result being a comprehensible but boring gamertag.

A step down from these is when someone really likes a name that is slightly more inspiring but doesn’t customize it correctly. Something like BlackLake29 or BlueApple17. Names like these could be easily generated and churned out by a computer program and as such are never very highly regarded.

However, the worst gamertags are the ones that have become nonsensical through a mixed use of alternating capital letters and additional numbers. What’s worse, is that gamertags like these display a sense of immaturity and make it difficult for other people to take you seriously when online. Names like: L33TSn1p3zZz or H4XurPH4c3 are great examples of the worst gamertags. Plainly put, no one over the actual or emotional age of 16 would have chosen a name like that.

As long as you avoid these examples, you'll end up with a good gamertag good luck!

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