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How to Handle When a Dog Attacks
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All dogs have the ability to attack humans, but not every one wants to attack. Cases of dogs attacking people who move suddenly are often the result of a whole development process. Often dogs bitten by nonsense is because the owner adopts a habit of dropping freely from the old days, not caring about dogs and treating dogs as pets, not paying attention to who his dog is bitten. When raising dogs in the house, dogs are not taught and trained, it is very easy for dogs to bite people.
How to handle, escape when the dog attacks

1. Keep calm

When a dog shows signs of attacking you, don't be afraid and agitated. The truth is, dogs and many other animals have the ability to "smell" human fear. If you run away or shout, you will make the animal more confident in his or her ability to attack, or worse, threaten the animal. However, it is difficult to calm down when a ferocious dog is snarling and barking at you right? If you shout, wave or run, you can stimulate that dog's hunting instincts and it will chase you.

2. Distract

After keeping calm, think about how to distract them. Sit down, pick up a tree or a stone, or something, if there is anything in your hand, the better. Use these objects to distract them, distract them, turn the attention target from yourself to that object by throwing things away.

3. Do not look directly into the dog's eyes

Absolutely do not throw your hands or kick your feet towards the animal. At the same time, do not look into the dog's eyes so that it does not feel you are able to threaten but look away. Hold your hand tight to avoid agitation. In addition, the dog may come close, even sniff you, but will not bite. So slowly retreat until it no longer sees you.

4. Go back instead of turning around and running

When the dog shifts the attack to an object that we just lure them to distract, we immediately go back. Now the dog's attention to us has diminished, the defense and the posture of attack are no longer frightening.

5. Use Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

Dogs are four times more likely to hear than humans, so they can hear ultrasound sounds that, if set at a certain volume, can keep dogs away. So you can use an ultrasonic dog repeller to scare off dogs when they attack you

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