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5 Essential Furniture Pieces to be Hire When Planning an Event
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An event necessitates a meticulous and sensitive endeavour not only on the part of the party planner, but also the entire team who are involved in the implementation of the event, at every stage. It can only achieve success when there is a collective effort of vendors as well as the clients.

Different events call for renting different kinds of furniture. But there are certain things that are a must and are common in every type of event. Here, let’s have a look at the major pieces that are essential to be included in every kind of event. Just read on to know.

  • Choosing the Right Chairs – At times, it is more instinctive to select the right chair styles. Matching benches are essential for harvest tables while the bar stools are a must for cocktail tables. Folding chairs are the ideal ones for ceremonies or meeting that span through a long time.  But see to it that the chairs that you choose are padded for the comfort of the guests. Chiavari chairs are quite popular and enhance the elegance, in case of the upscale events like corporate get-togethers and wedding receptions. 
  • Selecting the Tables – Usually if you are thinking of renting you will get everything from communal Harvests to cocktail tables. Large rectangular or round top tables are the first choice for seated events and formal dinners. Setting up an area with cocktail tables for mingling is apt for the corporate meetings. Benches for guests can be set up and a communal table can be arranged in case of the less formal events.
  • Arranging the Other Types of Furniture –Armchairs, couches and coffee tables are essential pieces of furniture in case of both outdoor and indoor events. You should opt for furniture that will mix and match with various textures of visual interests and complement the colours of the event themes. Furniture should also include stages, dance floors and other items that are specifically meant for entertainment purpose. You should choose your furniture on the basis of the size of the venue and the type of the event that you are hosting.
  • Go for the Right Linen – You should always choose linen depending on the type of theme that you have chosen. You should pay attention to the colour pattern, palette and something more intricate. Do not only think of colour but the linen material is also very vital.  For company parties go for glamorous napkins and table-cloths, but remember that an outdoor barbeque calls for poly-cotton linens.
  • Grand Décor Can Accentuate the Occasion – When it comes to planning event, décor is the most customised area. See to it that the centrepieces, wall-décor, lighting fixtures and other items should always reflect the theme as well as the event.

The above are some of the most essential pieces that you need to hire whenever you are thinking of hosting an event. Such services of furniture hire in London not only save you from the hassle of purchasing the required pieces but also prevent you from making a dent in your pocket.

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