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Why I Started For The Love of Dogs Australia
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I am Saki Brown, an expert force-free dog trainer with more than five years of experience. Currently Head Dog Trainer at For The Love of Dogs Australia. 

Pretty much every pet owner realises the value to keep up to date with the latest trends of the dog training industry. Many folks understands the value of finding out more about yourGreyhound well being, nutritional requirements, the ways to train them, feed, and ways to stay in touch with the most updated information from all over the world wide web. In truth, without a doubt the days are very short and there tons of pet blogs in Australia  to check and it's challenging to remain on top of everything.

So to assist my Greyhound friends out there to stay in contact and up to date I have made a collections of the very finest Australian dog blog posts and web sites I could find. I will include links whenever I find unique and remarkable pet blogs in the world, so please come back regularly. From Greyhound pet supplies to research and dog training recommendations, there's a little something for everyone on For The Love of Dogs Australia blog. Enjoy your reading and if you have any question please leave a comment below and I'll get in touch ASAP.


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Author Profiles:

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My Latest Publications / Author Saki Brown:

Greyhound Collars Training Guide

Dog Training Tips - Medium Stories



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  .   Saki C. Brown
Thanks for all your love and support! Saki Brown
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