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Idealshape vs 18Shake: A Complete Meal Replacement Shake Compare/Contrast
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Meal replacement drinks are becoming a go-to thing when it comes to an effective weight-loss tool, within the realm of health and diet supplement industry. Fitness enthusiasts rave about the benefits they have seen or experienced with help of similar products, from increased immunity to a surprising spike in the energy and activeness of mind. Small wonder, these drinks are so famous.

But the trouble hits when it comes to choosing the right meal replacement product for you. Well, it's like – finding your perfect smartphone in the gigantic mobile phone industry. It could be a daunting task no doubt, and more importantly, it is related to your health, so certainly the stakes are even higher for choosing the most appropriate meal replacement product.

With this article, we are going to give you a breakdown for two meal replacement shakes, which are pretty much on the top of the table in the industry – Idealshape and 18Shake.

Idealshape meal replacement shake is a complete kit for your weight-loss regimen, it contains meal replacement shake mix, energy bars to replace your routine snacking and accompanied by your own healthy meals.

18Shake is a product of the company called 18Nutrition, it contains meal replacement shake mix and an e-book "18 meal plan" to guide you through your weight loss process with help of 18Shake.


Shake Flavors

Idealshape comes in seven flavors - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha, cookies and cream, chocolate cream pie and orange cream. Like most of other meal replacement shakes, it could be blended with a lot of other ingredients to bring further variations in the taste. The package does contain a recipe booklet for making different smoothies.

18Shake, on the other hand, comes only in two variations, i.e. – chocolate flavor and vanilla flavor. It tastes better with almond milk or coconut milk. This could also be mixed with various ingredients to give it different flavors. The e-book also contains some exciting recipes with the ingredients' nutritional value, to enhance the flavor as well as nutrition.

Nutritional Value

Nutrition value of the product you choose as a meal replacement obviously has to be the top most priority to evaluate the product upon, as the body needs a certain nutrients in a certain measure to perform various bodily functions, and needless to say that each one of us have a different measure of nutrients depending upon a lot of other factors involved, like weight, height, fitness, etc. to name a few.

So, whatever may be your basic needs from a meal replacement solution, we recommend you to evaluate it for yourself, based on the below nutritional facts of both the products.




Serving Size (scoops)



Servings Per Container



Grams per Serving

28 g

27 g

Amount Per Serving





Total Fat

3.5 g

2 g


10 mg

30 mg


210 mg

15 mg


210 mg

23 mg

Total Carbohydrate

11 g

8 g

Dietary Fiber

5 g

5 g


1 g

1 g


11 g

15 g


Craving Control

One of the key tasks for a good meal replacement shake is to provide for effective appetite suppression. The reason being, if your meal replacement drink leaves you craving for your favorite snack even after consuming the shake and you just can't wait until your next meal, it is not going to serve your purpose.

Idealshape uses slendesta as an appetite suppressor. Slendesta is a starch found in potatoes that induces the secretion of Cholecystokinin hormone which is responsible for making your body feels full.

In 18Shake the ingredient chiefly responsible for curbing your cravings is – Fibersol-2. It is a patented manmade fiber, popularly known as Maltodextrin. It is digestive resistant fiber, which makes you feel fuller for few hours.

Both the shakes have received fairly positive reviews on this front.


This becomes another decisive factor while choosing your meal replacement solution. Initially one may pick a product thinking it to be an ideal supplement but one needs to realize that this not a one-time investment, but a longtime regimen. There could be several aspects depending upon your need that you might actually consider trading off.

I personally know a lot of people who started off very enthusiastically about a product only to realize it later that, they have been draining their money on something that is really not worth it for their purpose. Something simpler might have been equally useful for their weight-loss. But alas, only after losing a substantial chunk of money did they learn this precious lesson.

So while choosing your ideal weight-loss product or meal replacement product, you must carefully consider the price of the product in comparison to other available alternatives and more importantly with your needs.

The two products that we have on hand at the moment – Idealshape and 18shake, both come at a relatively economical price point in comparison to other competitive products being sold in the market, as of now.

An approximate value per serving for both of this meal replacement shakes is – 1.66 USD and 2.88 USD respectively. The prices may vary based on the discounts or coupons the companies keep offering from time to time.

IdealShape or 18Shake?

It is a close fight between the two shakes that we have just analyzed and compared. However, Idealshape does take a lead on one or two levels of comparisons that we have discussed above, like the price or variety in flavors.

However, it needs not to be an influencing factor for you choosing one product over another.


As I kept emphasizing right from the beginning of this article, that the purpose of writing this article is to provide the reader with all the key information points with an unbiased point of view, so that the readers could make a more informed decision based on those points, to invest in the most appropriate meal replacement shake for them.

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