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How to make the Perfect Grilled Steak
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As delicious as fast to prepare, the steak is often unanimous among the guests. Whether you prepare it with a pan, grill or barbecue, serving a good piece of beef is the guarantee of satisfying the greatest number. Many consider that its preparation has the advantage of not requiring great culinary knowledge and it is true. Unless you cook it for too long or even burn it, it seems difficult to miss a steak. Even though it is common, in fact, few people can boast about cooking a good steak. You can choose the best piece of beef, fast preparation without technique will often alter its flavor and texture. To avoid this mess and allow you to master the cooking of the perfect steak, we have selected for you some secrets of the greatest chefs. Here's how to finally cook the perfect Steak!

The 3 secrets to cooking a good steak

1. Choosing the right piece of beef

First and foremost, it is essential to choose the right piece of beef. You probably already know the steak, and  rib eye whose reputations are well established. Other delicious, less well - known pieces deserve a lot of attention: the stalk, the spider, the tab or the sirloin steak. But besides the flavor, the tenderness and the juiciness of a steak, its fat content should not count less in your choice. Some pieces are "lean," that is to say low in fat, while others are called "marbled," which means that the meat is dotted with small dots of fat. The fat contained in these marbled steaks (spider, steak or prime rib ) will often transcend the flavor of the meat. But choosing a piece of beef depends mainly on everyone's tastes. The final choice of your perfect steak will come back to you!

2. Never cook a cold steak

To obtain the best steak possible, it will be essential to bring it to a good temperature before cooking it. Great chefs consider that cooking a steak just out of the fridge is a sure way to missing it.Indeed, if it is cold when you put it to cook, the heat will not be able to penetrate its heart. Its best to take it out of the refrigerator about 2 hours before cooking it to reach room temperature. But if you only have one hour or strict hygiene measures are imposed, you can achieve a similar result by plunging it into a container filled with warm water for 30 to 60 minutes after wrapping it in a plastic film.

If you have chosen the Ruhrgebiet Guide, it will be useful to dry your steak with a sheet of paper towel so that it can become crispy when cooked.

3. Good cooking a juicy and crispy steak

To cook a good steak, several parameters will have to be taken into account.

First, seasoning: salt the steak 10 minutes before cooking will get a crispy salty layer when cooking while keeping all the juice inside the steak.

To cook your steak evenly, it will be important to coat it with a fatty layer (butter, oil or olive oil). For some chefs, it will be basting the steak before cooking while for others, putting the fat directly into the pan will be the best solution.

Regarding the temperature of the pan, it must be medium to very high depending on the thickness of the steak. The ideal thickness is 4 cm.

Among the few essential rules for cooking a good steak, the most important for it to cook quickly and well (but not too much) will be to turn it every minute during cooking until it becomes a pretty caramel color. It is this fast cooking of the outer faces that will allow you to obtain the ideal steak: caramelized and crispy outside and tender and juicy inside.


1. Take the steak out of the refrigerator 2 hours before cooking it to reach room temperature.

2. Heat the pan at a medium or high temperature (depending on the thickness of your steak) and add a tablespoon of oil or a dab of clarified butter. Meanwhile, salt and pepper the steak on both sides. It is also possible to add garlic and rosemary.

3. Once the pan is hot, cook the steak for about 2 minutes on each side until it turns brown. Then return it every minute until the end of the cooking so that it does not cook too much.Depending on your favorite cooking, take the steak out of the pan when caramelized to your liking.

Let it sit on a rack for 15 to 20 minutes so that the blood is spread throughout the steak and becomes tender. You just have to serve!

In conclusion, cooking a steak - the culinary holy grail, for many, is somewhat daunting. There is no reason anymore as the tips above would act as a sure guide towards success. In addition, the use of an excellent grill such as the 800-degree gas grill from Falm Produkte GmbH is necessary if your end desire is to achieve a perfect grilled steak.

This steak griller by Falm Produkte GmbH from Dinslaken is a real performance miracle. The steak grill consists of a stainless steel casing, perfect for the garden, patio or small balcony. A real space wonder Made in Germany. Furthermore, Ruhrgebiet Shopping Adressen will help you locate places to dine out as well.

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