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Why Should You Give Flowers or Bouquets to People?
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You have heard about flowers, bouquets and bunch of buds in your life right? Here flowers, when you think about them, they are not a really useful present. A hand bag is effective, a set of designer bowls can surely be considered to have an applied function. But flowers they are going to wither in a couple of days and its end.

But hang on, despite this clear shortcoming, flowers are a present that is very commonly exchanged between people. Folks give other people flowers all the time; hospital visits, dinner parties, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings; you name it, and gorgeous flowers are a suitable and appreciated offering. Not just the giver or receiver; but even the spectators find a bouquet really cheery and uplifting.

A Practiced Ritual

Flower giving, and broadly, the people use and arrangement of flowers, can easily be drew back thousands of years. Thinking that giving flowers to your beloved is old fashioned?  Exactly you are absolutely right; it is at least four thousand years old. The beauty of this practice is that it is as fresh today as it was at that time. Flowers have indeed stood the time of change.

There is huge documented evidence that the folks of ancient civili sations like Greece, Egypt and China loved arranging flowers, and not just used them for decorative purposes, but they even assigned symbolic meanings to specific flowers. They offered them as presents to lovers and gods.  Individuals from different cultures across the world have sustained to do this till the present day. It might interest you too that various present day flower meanings have their roots in societies long past. So, the point is that if you are wondering about wishing your friend in a beautiful manner that is living in another city like Dehradun; you can simply send flowers to dehradun. Exactly your bouquet of flowers will bring a simple on his or her face right away.

Express Yourself

Maybe you are really good at your professional field but do you have the art of expressing your emotions and feelings?  Well people give someone a bunch of beautiful flowers because they want to say something to that individual. Not just is the move of giving someone flowers in itself a manner of telling them they were on a person’s mind, but the specific type of flower you send can convey a deep and loving meaning. For example, if you are sending a bouquet of red roses to someone; it apparently depicts your love and affection for that person. Similarly if you are sending yellow tulips to someone; such a bouquet may denote a friendly love or gesture towards the person receiving the present. Hang on; you can even convey strength and positivity to people too. For example, if your father is unwell and you are in another city; don’t panic. What you can do is just send him a beautiful bouquet of cheery flowers like lilies.  This bouquet will definitely make him feel much better and strengthen.

So, no matter years pass, decades slip or centuries cross; flowers have an unending pleasure and charm!

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  .   harly gwen
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