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What is Nose Piercing Jewelry Types
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Wearing Nose Piercing jewelry is a fun way to differentiate your personal style. You can choose to pierce the nostril or the septum with hot jewelry options for both choices!

First there is the Nostril Nose Piercing

This is the side or fleshy portion of your nose. The screw twist is the most common jewelry type used during the initial nose piercing. Captive bead rings, circular barbells, or a small prong are used as well. Please know to avoid anything and everything with glue as it severely interferes with the sterilization. After the piercing has healed, the sky is the limit with options ranging from $2-2000 dollars depending on quality and materials used.

  • Nose Ring Twist Screw
    • Twisted end on post
    • Stays securely in the nose
    • Flush fit against the skin
    • Common choice with lots of style options
  • Nose Ring Bone or Nose Pin
    • Post with adornment on one side and a small ball on the other side
    • Doesn't fall out
    • Flush fit against the skin
    • Best for healed piercings
  • Nose Ring L-Shpe or Fishtail
    • L Shaped, post bent at 90 degree angle with adornment at the end
    • Fishtails are a custom bend
    • Similar to the above two options
    • Flush fit against skin
    • Comfortable
  • Nose Ring Hoop
    • Round jewelry that is a more noticeable hoop shape
  • Nose Piercing Retainer
    • For when you need to hide your nose piercing
    • Keeps piercing open
    • Clear dental-grade acrylic

Second there is the Septum Nose Piercing

The septum, the small area of soft flesh in the front of the cartilage in the center of your nose, is a common and very bold piercing option. You have several options for your initial piercing, but stick with a surgical grade metal until the would is healed to prevent infection.

  • CBR Septum
    • Common with a wide selection to choose from
    • Very secure - won't fall out
    • Can be difficult to close
    • Bold look
  • Circular Septum and Curved Barbells
    • Same lengths and gauges as CBR but not a complete circle 
    • Horseshoe shaped
    • The curved barbell offers the ability to quickly flip it up, into the nose, to hide the piercing
  • Septum Crescent
    • Available in lots of styles
    • More sleek and less bold that the two above
  • Septum Retainer
    • For when you need to hide your nose piercing
    • Keeps piercing open
    • Clear dental-grade acrylic
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  .   Reeves Rickeeves
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