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Top Curly-Haired Celebrities
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Whether you're a naturally curly girl or just crave the curls that nature never gave you (but surely meant to), you aren't alone in loving loopy locks. These five celebrities' whorls and waves are their crowning glory, and though some may have tried to fight their curls, these women are memorable because of those head-turning halos of curly hair. Grab some discounts and cashback offers from Yes Coupons and head to Amazon to buy a curling iron.

Keri Russell

Although she sports a smoother 'do in her new series "Running Wilde," the Golden Globe award-winning actress became famous as Felicity Porter thanks to her traffic-stopping curls. In fact, her style was such a part of her that the show lost half its audience when Russell lopped her long locks into a gamine cap, proving that it's often better to embrace your curls than to tame them with a subdued cut. "People still take it really personally," said Russell about her drastic haircut. Although it's been years since "Felicity," Russell's long, unbound curls still make waves.

Taylor Swift

Another naturally curly celeb, Taylor Swift only rarely flirts with straight hair. As she told Seventeen magazine, "I love experimenting with my hair, but I always come back to home base--curly." The singer was already on her way up thanks to her sweet voice and Goldilocks hair, but Kanye West's infamous "I'm gonna let you finish" speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards helped establish this country star's place in the celebrity sky. On the red carpet, Swift occasionally sweeps her curls into an artfully messy updo, but usually leaves her locks loose. A simple fall of graceful waves is still one of the greatest styles of all time, as Mr. West might put it.


It wouldn't be fair to have one curly-topped chanteuse from those infamous VMAs without featuring the other. When it comes to her hair, Beyonce is a risk-taker within limits. The superstar singer has worn her hair every color and styled it straight, wavy, bouncy, or wildly curly depending on her mood. No matter its color or curl, Beyonce's trademark hairstyle is long, lush, and full.

Even the most naturally full hair might need a little help, though, and Beyonce is no stranger to falls, hairpieces, and weaves to help her achieve the look she wants. Beyonce told Krosandra that in her Destiny's Child days, she used to iron her hair on an ironing board; her horrified mother told her, "We have to get you out of your own hair because you're destroying it!" Natural or not, Beyonce's curls always look perfect on her--but then, with a face as gorgeous as hers, what wouldn't?

Bernadette Peters

Not all curly stars are new arrivals to the celebrity firmament. Bernadette Peters' career has spanned five decades, and throughout all of them she's kept her head of long natural corkscrew curls. Peters wears her trademark hair the way some women wear a signature scent; far from seeming stale, though, her curly hair is timeless. At the outset of her career, Peters notes, that signature look felt more like a "don't" than a 'do: "When I grew up in the '60s, your hair had to be straight and you had to be skinny and have no boobs, and it was like not my era." Fortunately, fashion now embraces the natural beauty of a headful of curls. The singer/actress has won more hardware than most stars see in a lifetime, but the role in which she's most memorable is that of her inimitable self.

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