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6 ingenious exhibition stand concepts for 2017 & beyond
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While there’re many different success factors of exhibition marketing, display stand or booth is most important in attracting the audience. To do so, you need to stand out of the crowd with something entirely innovative. If you’re one of the many exhibition stand designers preparing for some of the most powerful and expensive expositions this year, have a look at display stand ideas outlined below.

  1. A touchdown spot

Wireless internet and connectivity is the real trick to pull-up a mass to your booth and make them spend more time. You can easily achieve this by including a touchdown spot where visitors can conveniently charge their phones, access Wi-Fi to read emails, browse important websites and details following the expo or even munch snacks. Savvy exhibition stand designers in Dubai are already applying the trick and so far the results are optimistic.

  1. Doodle walls

Digital graffiti or doodle walls incorporated in exhibition stands always generate quite a buzz and has all it takes to grab visitor’s attention. The walls allow audience to draw or write on a digital screen that can be conveniently erased or edit which eradicates the mess associated to typical graffiti.

Premade logos and stencils are also used for more creativity. One of the greatest benefit and element of interaction is allowing participants to share their experience, views and share ideas rather creatively. Yet another adaptation by visionary exhibition stand designers in Dubai!

  1. Photo booths

Like digital graffiti walls, phone booths are another source of attraction in a typical exhibition setting. The resulting photos are crisp enough to be branded before sharing. There’re many creative ways exhibition stand designers can incorporate photo booths to their space and intensify the competition.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR)

In recent years, tech-based companies made huge strides through the Virtual Reality (VR) platform. Meanwhile, many different social networks including Facebook placed greater focus on 360-degree image and videos. This particular tech trend can be brought together at an exhibition stand in 2017 through availability of VR headsets allowing people to fully immersed in a particular service or product.

  1. iBeacon technology

2016 was a big hit for iBeacon technology and increasing number of retail stores have yet to recognise the benefits of creating awareness amongst the people in nearby area on special offers. The concept has been applied to the world of expo and working alongside exhibition stand designers in Dubai, you can easily incorporate the iBeacon technology and configuring it to send text alerts. It improves the chance of making sales especially if it’s a trade fair.

  1. Interactive touchscreen & nature inspired stands

Touchscreen display stands are the rage at some of the most popular events that really pulls a crowd. The concept of eco-friendliness and green technology find its way into exhibition industry as well with booths or display stands made out of grass and natural materials.


For all exhibition stand designers around the world, the above booth concepts are raging throughout the industry and worth to incorporate in 2017.


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