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3 Wedding Colour Palettes That You Should Try to Stand Out
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Weddings are always special as they mark a new beginning of your life. Naturally, you will want everything to be perfect and need to ensure that nothing goes wrong in this occasion. This goes without saying that this calls for a lot of probing and what better way to start the occasion than to decide the favourite colour combinations for your wedding.

One of the first decisions that you need to make for your wedding is defining the colour palette. This is a major decision as it will impact many other factors as far as planning your wedding decors is concerned. This will include everything starting from flowers and stationary designs to furniture and signage.

So here are some of the most vital modern colour schemes that will help you to get started for implementing those tones.

  • Tropical Tones – If you are thinking of island-inspired and relaxed weddings, you should love vibrant and bright tropical tones for really making an impact. Shades of orange, fuchsia and coral with a navy hint create the impeccable palette for a flamboyant and fun look.

Bright colours really do have the capability of uplifting the wedding milieu and create a vivacious environ for the guests to enjoy to the core. Not only that, these shades also perfectly complement the oceanfront and beachside wedding venues. So they are also ideal for the coastal locations.

How to Achieve This Look – You can pair up the flamboyant shades with the colours of bamboo and timber and other earthly shades. You can also use bursts of white to break up the monotony and bring in freshness to the space. You should think about implementing the perkier colours through the textiles like rugs and cushions as well as your floral designs. You can also inject the tropical tones without overwhelming by opting for the statement fuchsia for the pieces of accent like lounge furniture and going for navy napkins.

  • Blush, White and Gold – Blush pink and white are two pastel palettes that are highly popular for truly romantic and elegant weddings. For a more modern touch you can go for gold accents.

Remember that it can be a bit overwhelming to use too much blush. That is why it is recommended that you use gold and white details to pair up with this pink so that a beautiful and balanced ambience that does not look too feminine is created.

How to Achieve This Look –Go for blush and gold details by using white as your background for maximising the effect of this palette. The meticulous blush décor pieces like blush lounge furniture and blush linen napkins can be a gorgeous touch amidst the dining chairs, gold cutlery and white dry bars.

  • Teal and Navy – More and more brides are embracing the beautiful and gorgeous but rare palette of teal and navy these days. These two colours bind together harmoniously for a contemporary and elegant approach for wedding styling when coupled with gold accents.

The strong shade of navy when combined with the soft tone of teal create the perfect mix of dark and light. Teal and navy belong to same family of blue shade and they amicably enhance each other’s beauty to a great extent.

How to Achieve This Look –Teal and navy are great for cocktail settings. That is why at the time of going for wedding furniture hire you can think of adding a tinge of deviation in your wedding décor by pairing up teal lounges with navy ottomans and armchairs or the other way round. Teal elements in your stationary look great with navy linings. You have a beautiful setting by tying the neutral shades of white and timber.

The above are some of the latest trends of colour palettes that you can try for your wedding to make it stand out.

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