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How to Apply to Brown University
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Year after year, thousands of students dream of entering Brown University, one of the most prestigious educational institutions in America and in the world and a member of the elite Ivy League.  Being a part of the creme de la creme of the academic world, studying at Brown University is definitely the ultimate goal of many individuals who wants to live and breathe their chosen courses and disciplines with greatness and liberty. Ben Hadfield from essaywritingservice.ca collected all the useful information on the subject for you. So let’s start!

Brown University is located in the city of Providence in Rhode Island, embracing almost 8,000 students in its Undergraduate College, Graduate School, and Medical School. Brown offers more than 90 programs which allow students from all over the world to design and mold their curriculum with the help of the university’s faculty which has more than 620 members.

History of Brown University

Founded as the College of Rhode Island in 1764 in Warren, Rhode Island, it accepted students a year later and moved to College Hill in the city of Providence five years later.

In 1804, the name College of Rhode Island was changed to Brown University in honor of a gift from Nicholas Brown, a businessman, philanthropist, and graduate of the institution.

The university was the first in America to accept students of different religions. In 1891, women were admitted in the university for the first time when the Women’s College, which was renamed Pembroke College, was founded and then united with Brown in 1971.

In 1811, a medical program was put up but was put on hold in 1827. Medical degrees were again awarded to a graduating class in 1975. In 1850, Graduate studies were welcomed in Brown, stopped in 1857, and was strengthened during the years of 1887 to 1889.

The opportunity for the students to craft their studies and have access to the formation of their curricula were started in 1970, inspired by the belief of the University President Francs Wayland that students should only focus and concentrate on the field of study that they chose.

Brown’s Prestige

What makes young people to work hard and fight just to have a slot in Brown? Those who have the guts and wits to enter Brown are given the opportunity to explore the best for them. Brown guides students to the new ways of learning through their open curriculum system which gives the students the chance to have a say when it comes to their academics. The teachers and administrators guide the students in shaping their education.

Of course, there are the famous graduates and alumni who prove the greatness of Brown University. These people contributed their wisdom and talents to different fields like government, public service and law (like Theodore Francis Green, former US Senator; William Marcy, former Justice and Governor of New York, John Hay, former Secretary of State), literature, journalism, business, technology, sports, music and film and television.

Some members of royal families from around the world also studied in Brown, like Leila Pahlavi, Princess of Iran and youngest daughter of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Prince Faisal Ben Al Hussein, son of the late King Hussein of Jordan, Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark, Lady Gabriella Windsor, member of the British Royal Family; daughter of the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

Admissions to Brown University

The first important and official step to apply at Brown is the completion of an application form which will have all important information about you. After the application for admission forms, you will have to submit necessary documents such as your secondary school report and mid-year school report.

You also have to submit a personal admission essay, this is the primary way to introduce yourself to and make an impression on the Admission Committee. You may also need to write an essay with regard to your chosen course or program.

Also, you need to submit the results of your SAT tests (reasoning test and any two subject tests). For foreigners, it is required to submit the result of your TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

There are also interviews, and for some areas of study, you may need to have a portfolio and show the Admission Committee samples of your work.

You may visit the official website of Brown University at http://www.brown.edu or call (401) 863-1000 for information and inquiries.

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