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Internet Is Not Just for Fun, It Build Our Future
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The internet has literally brought education centers, shopping stores and much more conveniences to our living rooms. We live in a technologically advanced era where we can easily learn whatever we want by sitting in the comfort of our homes, by the miracle we call the internet!

It has been noted that the number of students enrolling in online courses has steadily been increasing over the past few years. Many universities, to accommodate this increasing demand, have started complete distance learning programs, instead of just one or two online courses.

Let us discuss some merits of this system that has taken the world by storm. Moreover, to make a fair argument, discussed here are some demerits too.

The Merits of Learning Online

In face to face instruction, the main barrier is location and time. The students living in developing countries do not have the luxury to jump on a plane and take classes on the campus. Moreover, the rising fee of these conventional universities is so high that all students cannot afford them. These online courses give students like these a chance to take courses of their choice, which are at par with the world’s best ranking universities at the convenience of their homes.

Furthermore, students have the chance to learn at their own pace and learning level. All they is just a laptop and they can take their class anywhere they want. These courses provide the option of flexibility in learning schedules. Online learning can also accommodate different styles of learning by incorporating multimedia and various activities. These also help to build up better retention power in students.

Nowadays, students can easily find assignment assistance service provider agencies online that not just provide them with the needed guidance, but they also have tutors that teach them step by step ways to instill more concepts.

The Demerits of Learning Online:

The greatest worry concerning this system is that students who do not know how to learn on their own become lazy and end up learning nothing. As there is not a structured schedule, students tend to get confused or just indolent when it comes to deadlines. Another problem that has been reported is that students miss that interaction with their peers and teachers and feel isolated. In short, they miss the whole college experience where they get to network and make connections that last for a life time.

One impertinent concern is plagiarism and cheating. As the system is not regulated as yet, so surveillance is less and students can easily copy materials.

One more concern is that slow internet connections and old hardware make it very difficult for students to access the needed materials on time.

Some conclusive remarks!

Like all scientific inventions, this invention or service has both merits and demerits, but in the end it all depends upon how we, the users harness the power in the right way! We can either use it in the wrong way and it will eventually harm us or we can make the correct use and exploit it to the fullest to learn and grow.


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