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Software Test Automation is Critical to expand the Overall ROI of the Industries
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The only thing is that quality experts should be sure of the fact how automation can be leveraged to make the business side happy. Automation has just endless benefits for the industries that control and maintain the overall productivity or delivery of the software products or services.

The application needs to be tested to enhance the overall experience of the customers and to check all regulatory requirements are met or not. No customer wants to bear defects immediately after every release.

This is the reason why Software automation testing is in demand today to increase the overall efficiency of the product and to expand ROI of the industries. The Artificial Intelligence capabilities have made testing even more adaptable and result-driven today. In this guest post, we will discuss the major influencing facts to expand the overall ROI for various industries.

  • A test-case documentation to help quality experts with the right process only not on the waste of the things.
  • Combining manual testing and automation testing together to increase the overall ROI of the industries.
  • And the last is focusing on investment of multiple attributes and variables that are necessary to make an automation process.

How can technical documentation help a quality expert?

The best place to start for boosting the overall ROI of the industries is Technical Documentation. There are plenty of industries where quality experts prepare manuals for their personal use only. The documentation may include the definition of the test cases, how to supplement the test cases or training materials too.

In most of the cases, quality experts should focus on the test cases documentation only not to prepare documentation from the scratch. The documentation will help you in deciphering the test-cases quickly and all the workflows would be available in their proper place only. With the help of test-case documentation, quality experts can focus on the right process only not on the waste of the things.

The experts would be able to understand the application well, so creating test case documentation actually makes sense for every organization. Automated tools have given a new push to the testing processes and this is an obvious place to point the ROI in software testing.

How to combine manual and automated testing together to expand the overall ROI?

The automated testing has the capability to complete the quality checks with fewer test cases only. But accuracy generally requires the agility of manual testing to optimize the overall efficiency or productivity of a software program. So, there is someone who can actually guide how to get maximum ROI in software testing??

Obviously, the best technique is to combine manual and automated testing together, but you should be sure how to combine them in your favor to accelerate the overall performance of the software products or services. In my practice, using manual and automated testing together is common, but they are difficult to maintain together.

Both of the practices should be used wisely to make them well organized and more productive.The techniques change frequently in the world of software development and automated testing is the best approach to meet the standards as per client needs and requirements.

However, this is difficult to switch between multiple manual test cases and the automated test case, but this is not impossible for the great quality professionals. This would be a great experience to see how they work actually together in software testing.

How to achieve the desired ROI in the software automation process?

This is true that initial costs to implement automation are generally high but getting the desired ROI is always a strategic decision. For this purpose, this is necessary to understand the multiple attributes and variable that makes an automation process.


in the given screenshot, there are given multiple factors to achieve the potential ROI as required by all industries.

  • Manual Testing Parameters – This covers the defect analysis and defect management to increase the efficiency and outcomes of the software products.
  • Transition parameters – These attributes decide on the right automation tools and processes that will be used during the testing process.
  • Test Automation Parameters–It decides on the framework and scripts that need to be executed on priority.

This is always necessary to understand and analyze the need for automation process first before it can be actually implemented for any software project. This practice will help you in calculating the potential ROI before you make afinal investment in the automation tools.

In a nutshell,

Experts have noticed up to a 70 percent deduction in regression testing efforts, fifty percent reduction in test script development, and maximum reduction in the development of the testing framework up to 80 percent or more.

In brief, an Automated Center of Excellence always results in reduced time-to-market without making any compromise on quality. If you also wanted to give a push to a career in software testing then start with Software automation testing training programs and certifications at JanBask right away.

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