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Five Reasons Why You Need to Get a Trip to Gili Island When in Indonesia
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Looking for the best place to rest in Indonesia outside Bali? Gili Islands is just an hour and a half by boat from Bali and experience something out of ordinary.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to get a trip to Gili Island when you are in Indonesia:

Reason #1: The crystal clear water

Gili beaches in Indonesia is blessed with crystal clear waters with soft white sand that makes you want to relax under the warm and calm sun. The island’s southern point and west coast are the best swimming spots within Gili Island; however, it is partly rocky. If you want a spot that has clear waters and softer sand, the northern shore is the perfect spot; however, the current is quite strong and the water is a little deeper than the other parts of the island.

Reason #2: Best place to dive and snorkel

Gili Island has one of the best snorkeling spots in Indonesia, especially the northern beach. It is guaranteed that if you’d visit the place for diving and snorkeling purposes, you’ll find an abundance of fishes, reef sharks, and sea turtles too.

Reason #3: Fall in love with Gili Island’s sunset

Gili Island has one of the best sunsets you will discover around the world. Each night, as the sun goes down, the skies turn into a relaxing and fairytale-like candy floss that will make you fall in love with the island all over again.

Reason #4: The food and the local

It is a tropical island anyway; so, expect mouth-watering food. Plus, the locals are very friendly. Even though not everyone on the island knows how to speak English, you’ll still be able to feel very welcome. If you want the best place to stay on the island and get to know more about the culture, as well as food, you should get in touch with reliable tour guides and get more details on how to get there.

Reason #5: Everything is Instagrammable

Yes; everything in Gili Island is Instagrammable.

From the moment you step on the Island, you will have the urge to bring out your camera or phone and post #thisisrealvacation. Everything and every place within the island are very interesting and have full of life. At that, you’ll love to take pictures of those places, the moments you’ve had, and the people you probably have met during the entire stay.

If you are currently staying in Bali today and looking for other places outside of the capital, Gili Island is just an hour and a half boat ride away from Bali. All you need is get in touch with one of the trusted shuttle services in Bali today – as an example, the Duck Ferries.

At Duck Ferries, they help you get to the Gili Islands safe and guaranteed one of the best boats rides you’ll experience in Bali Indonesia.

So, why spare some of your vacation time in Indonesia at Gili Island? Simple; it has one of the best sunsets and beaches in Bali, it has amazing food and amazing people, and everything is Instagrammable and enjoyable.

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