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How to Prevent a Friend From Driving a Vehicle When They are Drunk
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You can do one of the most important things in your life if you prevent your friend from driving when they are intoxicated. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to persuade your drunken friend not to drive a car. In the article, we are going to give you some tips as to how you could cope with this situation. Most importantly, you should realize that you are the one who can spot danger and take action even it means that you have to act on behalf of your intoxicated friend.

Take action in advance. If you see your friend get slowly but surely to the point of intoxication, and they do not understand why on earth they should not get behind the wheel in this condition, in that case, you should take their keys away in advance so as not to make scenes and not to provoke the conflict afterwards. It is worth mentioning that if your friend did get behind the wheel while being intoxicated, we strongly recommend you contact a drinking and driving lawyer as soon as you can.

Prohibit your friend from driving anywhere. You may need to be more persistent than usual, and then you may be accused of spoiling the fun and trying to control everything. Remember that now your friend is under the influence of alcohol and therefore, you should not take their words at face value.

Be polite. We suggest you speak slowly using simple language, because your friend is drunk. However, you should try to make sure that your words do not sound too condescending. Pride can prevent your friend from taking your advice if they sense that something is off in your voice.

Be frank. Sometimes the best way to reach a drunken person would be through a heart-to-heart conversation. For example, you may want to sit next to your friend and let them know that you are going to tell them something very important. Try to tell them as sincerely as you possibly can that you care about them and you would not want anything bad to happen to your friend.

Get support from others. Sometimes, it is not a simple task to convince a friend not to drive a car when drunk. However, if you have the support of other people, you can make your drunken friend decide against driving. Thus, even if you did not manage to convey your reasons to the friend on your own, you will have sufficient support in the form of people who will help control their actions.

Call a taxi. Lastly, if you do not want to take matters into your own hands, you can, in the common interest, call a taxi or Uber. When doing so, we advise you give clear directions to the taxi driver in order to avoid some possible misunderstanding.

In conclusion, we hope the article and our DUI tips will be very helpful for you in future.

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