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What should I do to dismiss a domestic violence case?
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Sometimes, it happens that we find ourselves in assault charges. It seemed to be a simple fight. Maybe, you were both drunk and something went wrong. She called the police. And now you have a conversation with a police officer. They took a report and you have really big problems. But don’t panic and follow this simple rules which are advised by most of DUI lawyers.

1) Find facts and evidence that prove you did not commit assault family violence

There are situations when the police just ignores your side of the story and doesn’t write in their report what really happened. In this case, you have to be proactive and make your own notes. Why is it so important? A lot of people who had an experience being in assault charges advice to write down all details immediately because you can forget something essential. Also, don’t forget to make pictures and save text messages. Maybe, you had an aggressive conversation with your opponent via the mobile phone. This evidence can be really useful.

2) Hire a qualified assault lawyer

When you are ready with some facts, it is time to find one of the best DUI lawyers in your area. How he/she can help you? First of all, the most part of lawyers is familiar with particular preferences of the Judge and how the Judge runs jury trials. Secondly, a lawyer will be able to be closer to the courthouse and will not have to charge as much money for the case, as travel time is reduced.

3) Suit up for all court settings

Your appearance can play a significant role. So, it is important to dress in a suit, with a tie for every single court setting. What about ladies? You have to suit in a conservative style and don’t go for very short skirts. If you have tattoos or piercing, it would be better to hide such features.

4) Have enough time to talk to your lawyer

This step might be the obvious one. But don’t forget to have a detailed talk with your lawyer as soon as you hired him/her. During this meeting, a lawyer will define the best strategy for you and you will be able to ask a few questions.

5) Set the case for trial and be prepared for it

If you have discussed all points, it is time for a lawyer to prepare a jury trial. There is a possibility that you can be testified. So, your lawyer will prepare you for this kind of examination. After this, an assault lawyer will do the rest of the work.

6) Appear for the first trial

This part has to be discussed with your lawyer in details. Follow all pieces of advice and instruction which he/she will give for you. Remember – you are in the right hands and everything will be just OK. 

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