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Gentlemen; you’ve found the lady of your dreams, someone you can laugh with, cry with, grow with and now you want to take the next step, and ask her to marry you, right?

Well, shopping for an engagement ring is an activity you need to take time with, and you need to choose the right ring based on what type of woman you are going to be spending every single remaining day of the rest of your life with (presuming she says yes).

In simple words, shopping for an engagement ring can be downright stressful. It can define your future, and if you get a ring that she doesn’t like, you’ll find yourself in a whole other barrel of stress you never dreamt of. The best way to know what she will love is to truly know her. Choosing the right engagement ring for her style and character, based around your knowledge of what she loves (that isn’t you) will have 2 end results: she will say YES, and she will love you even more because you took the time to get to know what she likes.

Like diamonds, there are a few main types of women and each is different and unique in their own way. How they present themselves is an easy way to tell what type of girl (or diamond) they are and using this information will help you to choose the right ring.

Glamourous Classic:  Elegant! Wealthy! Glitter! Sparkle! Feathers! Diamonds! All of these describe the classic glamour girl. The “more sparkly the better” rule is how you’ll impress the love of your life if she is a glamour kitten.

Modern Classic: The modern-classic woman is interested in looking stylish but with a classic foundation. She loves clean lines and simplicity, and a basic feminine and contemporary ring will best suit her.

Bold Classic: With a rich history in classic style, the preppy-classic woman is about stylish comfort. She is defined by bounding colour, sometimes with loud prints and would go for a colourful or bold, vibrant ring.

Vintage: Your vintage girl might wear vintage clothing or reproductions of clothing from an earlier era. Her house might be filled with vintage furniture and decor she’s picked up while op-shopping and she might even listen to older music. Your vintage girl will like nothing less than a vintage or antique style engagement ring. This doesn’t necessarily mean trawling through second hand stores to find a 50 year old ring that you think she might like, antique style engagement rings are very common as a brand new item, and can be custom made to suit your beautiful soon-to-be fiancé.

Inspired by charms of the past, a range of romantic vintage and antique style engagement rings are created through inspiration of Victorian and Edwardian era designs, Art Deco styling or 1920’s glamour and become beacons of grace and style.

Vintage and antique style engagement rings don’t just represent romance and charm, but the romantic design promises to create memories of deep love. Victorian inspired antique engagement rings are a style of the vintage engagement ring made in the Victorian era, often set in yellow or rose gold and designed with elegance and intricacy.

The Art Deco ring style is the style that comes with a more geometric look; and the Edwardian inspired rings are where more prominent romantic designs often contain birds, ribbons and lace in their designs.

The vintage and antique style engagement rings stand out from modern engagement rings due to their uniquely cut gemstones, impeccable craftsmanship, stone settings and diamond quality. 

Vintage inspired rings do come in many different forms, but if you want your special lady to experience a definite “WOW’ moment, Diamonds International’s antique style engagement rings will turn that wow into YES! YES! YES!

If you know as much as you should about the woman to intend to marry, then choosing a ring to suit her should be relatively easy. Getting the ring size measured however is the hardest part, especially if you are trying to be secretive. Try tracing a ring she currently owns onto a piece of paper to get the measurement.

Or just take her shopping…

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