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Implantation of Teeth: Before and After
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Before the implantation procedure, the patient should be familiar with the rules how to prepare for the implant installation process and how to take care of their teeth after it. First of all, orthodontists say that it is better to have this procedure in the morning, since the pain that has arisen after the implantation will subside within a few hours, and consequently, you will not be disturbed at night. Also, in unforeseen situations, it will be easier to contact dentists in Richmond Hill during the day, rather than at night. A few weeks before the installation of the implant a patient should pay due attention to the oral cavity, thoroughly clean the teeth, gums, tongue. Before installing the implant, the doctor will inform you of the necessary preparations. It is advisable 2 hours before the operation to eat, excluding strong tea, coffee, hot, and solid food from the diet. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke. Alcohol can lead to edema, as well as bleeding dangerous to life. One should wear light, comfortable clothes that do not bother you. During the implant installation, it is necessary to inform your dentist about the unpleasant sensations that you may feel. This will help the dentist during this process. If during the installation of the implant you have unbearable pain, also inform dentists about it, if necessary, they will increase the dose of anesthesia.

Memo before implantation

Before installing the implant, dentists recommend curing dental caries and periodontitis, carrying out professional teeth cleaning, making ultrasound of the thyroid gland, giving a general and biochemical blood test, and taking an allergy test.

Memo after implantation:

• After implantation, the doctor's recommendations must be followed;

• Remember, in order to avoid further complications, implants require careful care;

• It is worth noting: anything that is harmful to one's teeth is harmful to the implant;

• Installation of the implant can affect the patient's attention. There have been cases when patients fell asleep at the wheel, so it is worthwhile to think about your escort beforehand;

• Ask for your doctor's phone number to contact him at any time in case of an emergency dental care;

• It is necessary to refuse to do sports, visit sauna, bath;

• It is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol;

• Do not eat until the anesthesia stops, drink within 2 hours after implantation;

• Do not chew on the side where the implants were installed;

• Do not touch the wound and stitches with tongue;

• The implant will be implanted within six months on the upper jaw and 3 months on the lower jaw.

Once the implants are installed, it seems that the problem is solved, and you can no longer think about the fact that the teeth are not natural. After all, the implants are fixed reliably, firmly, the pain now does not bother you, and so nothing will happen to them. It's not a secret that many manufacturers provide an indefinite guarantee for implants. But there are some points to consider. The guarantee is given to the implants themselves, which can really be unlimited, but the result of the doctor's work cannot always please us, therefore, the more careful the patient will treat the dental implant, the longer the life of this implant will be. After implantation, the doctor will give recommendations that should not be neglected. Today, the implant is an actual, reliable substitute for the root of the missing tooth. Implant is more functional, unlike traditional prostheses. Neither during chewing, nor at rest, any painful sensations should not be caused by the implants.

Instruction for hygienic cleaning your teeth after orthodontics procedure

Unsatisfactory and irregular hygiene of the oral cavity causes inflammation of the gums both around the tooth and around the implant, and requires emergency dental care. After orthodontics procedure, cleaning the implant at home, as well as the gaps between them, requires using dental floss, a special toothbrush with brushes. Most carefully, it is necessary to clean the joints of the implant. The use of dental floss helps to better clean these places. For hygienic cleaning, the toothpaste is applied to the filament and, putting it so that both ends are on one side of the jaw, clean the lower part of the implant. Implants can be rinsed with plain water, and you can use special liquids sold in any pharmacy. But before buying it is worth consulting with the doctor, he will give the necessary recommendations for their choice.

East River Cosmetic & Family Dentists
130 Davis Dr #35 Newmarket
ON L3Y 2N1 Canada +1 905-895-8031
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