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How to Organize Coworking Space in Your Office
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Coworking managed to take root in the office system of many countries in the form of a comfortable open space, with working equipment and a friendly team. After all, open offices are not only a workplace, but also the concentration of like-minded people with new views and creative approach. In a team room you will receive answers to all questions and find support among the same creative businessmen. This is certainly a good place for your first startup, because here you can find someone to ask for advice or make a coffee break with.

Coworking services are provided in most large populated areas of the country, which is not surprising in the conditions of a developing society, and the quantitative growth of private businessmen and freelancers.

As you know, people are divided into two chronotypes - "owls" and "larks". So many people do not like the schedule of the standard office. Coworking spaces allow to work both the first and the second chronotype. Thus, mental activity and consequently the fruitfulness of the work are increasing. If you are worried about your safety, especially in the evening, you can be calm, as centers have a reliable security system.

Coworking is an ideal option for those who, being freelancers do not want to work at home. It turns out that a person works in the office, but at the same time he deals exclusively with his own affairs. This model of working space organization is also popular with remote employees, artists, designers, web developers, programmers. The leaders of companies like to organize trainings, presentations, conduct business negotiations here.

Interior design plays the most important role in the success of the whole business. One of the best options is the interior in the style of loft.

In such an interior, brick, glass, wooden beams on the ceiling prevail. And if all this "old negligence" is diluted with bright modern elements - pictures, photographs, statuettes, bookshelves, audio and video equipment, futuristic furniture, you will get an ideal creative environment that motivates and inspires new ideas.

You need to watch your customers: see where they work more, and where they communicate with friends; where they drink coffee, and where they speak with colleagues. Based on these observations, it is necessary to do furniture rearrangement and zonate space. Do not forget that in the area of each community there should be a large common table, at which freelancers will discuss projects, share their ideas and communicate.

Revenues in coworking can come from a variety of sources. Firstly, it is renting out jobs. Secondly, the provision of all space for corporate events. Thirdly, earnings on educational services. This should be discussed in more detail, since this source is the main source for many coworking centers.

The first stage is attraction of clients to trainings. Here you need to find the audience and organize a meeting room. This period provides for educational presentations on a wide variety of subjects. The cost of such training should be affordable. Your goal is to reach the maximum possible audience.

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