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Options For Kitchen Countertops
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It's a massive decision, selecting a material for the kitchen countertop. Massive in terms of the price and in the effect on aesthetics besides real purpose of your kitchen. Top best kitchen countertop resources are important section of a renovation budget. A carefully selected countertop makes the kitchen further valuable as well as simple to maintain, while serving as a significant design component of you.

The variety of materials to use in kitchen countertops is astonishingly diverse, some materials listed may be startling to you. Every material has got pros and cons, which require to be considered when choosing. The much esoteric materials, like bamboo, stainless steel, and zinc, might be very expensive besides hard to preserve for many people. For many homeowners, the practical choices include materials like (quartz) engineered stone, slab granite, and normal ceramic tile and laminates. 


The laminate Memphis countertops is made of a tinny coating of plastic laminate substance glued to the core of wood-board or medium-density fiberboard. Laminates are manufactured by several companies, like Wilson art and Formica, available in numerous colors and styles. 


  • They are most affordable options type countertops.
  • Fitting them is easy DIY job when you mount pre-fabricated countertop pieces.
  • Great variety of designer laminates. Numerous of colors besides decorations are available.


  • Laminates are well-thought-out to be "cheap" therefore may be a disadvantage when you are selling your house. 
  • Laminates may peel up, scorch easily, and chip.
  • Laminate countertops could feel hollow as well lightweight likened to other materials. 

Ceramic Tile

The Ceramic tile countertops is made of clay-based tiles on a cement-board by use of a thin-set grout adhesive. In kitchen countertops, mortar layers make tiles less-ideal countertop substance, however new porcelain and ceramic tiles are existing in larger sizes of (1 x 2 or 2 x 2 feet) which can aid minimize the quantity of seams for easier maintenance. 


  • Tile are second to laminate being low-priced countertop material.
  • The Ceramic tile are fairly easy for you to DIY installing. 
  • Modern porcelain makes offer varied design selections porcelain tiles may seem similar to natural wood, and real stone or other materials. 


  • Grout seams is quickly stained and may tough to clean. 
  • The Ceramic tile are stiff and likely to crack. Repair is hard, needing full replacing of the broken tiles. 

Granite Slab

The utmost popular choice for a countertop is manufactured of a solid granite slab. Starting life being quarried slab from hard natural stone, the granite countertops is made-up to description and fitted by professionals.


  • Hard granite slabs can make heavy as well as durable countertops.
  • There are no granite pieces that are similar, making every countertop totally unique.
  • Known as top quality building material, the granite countertops incline to advance home values. 
  • No-seam made countertops are typically possible. 


  • Granite is equally an expensive material. 
  • As many other forms of natural stone, granite needs periodic fastening to guard it from stains. 
  • It is not a DIY-friendly content it essential to be fitted by pros. 

Modular Granite

Less costly option for proprietors who need granite, or for cost savings purpose on mounting granite. Modular granite contains halfway hard slabs besides granite tiles. It could be labelled as big tiles patched together to make a countertop. Even if still heavy, modular parts are lighter, thus being decent choice for DIYers. 


  • Convenience to fit by an owner. The toughest part is lifting the slabs.
  • Low-priced by the granite countertops standards.


  • The countertops still contain seams and do not appear like hard slabs. 
  • Modular slabs is significantly slimmer than hard slabs, they could be broken or cracked. 
  • Similar to solid granite, interval sealing is essential to guard against stains. 

Granite Tile

This is more accurately DIY option for houseowners who need to construct a countertop made of granite tiles. These are minor, manageable tiles which look like ceramic tiles thus are fitted the similar way, followed with slim-set glues to main of the cement-board. 


  • These tiles give some degree of stature, however not the similar to hard stone slabs.
  • Easily fitted by a houseowner in a short period.  
  • Granite tile are the low-priced and simplest of the granite choices.  


  • They are recognized to be DIY countertop by potential home buyers.
  • They are slimmer than the slabs, modular granite, thus susceptible to cracking and breaking.
  • More grout seams which are quickly stained hence are problematic to clean.

Similar to natural stone, they must be occasionally sealed to guard them from stains. 

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