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Next time “Upgrade to Yahoo Mail 7.1” comes up – Be aware of an Email Scam
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In case, you are getting the message on a repeated basis, there is no need immediate threat as such. If you are worried that your account will be closed, then you are indeed getting the wrong vibes.

If the problem related to the Yahoo account is more than what you had initially assumed, it then makes sense to contact Yahoo by phone. With the help of the independent experts, you will eventually stand a chance to have the problem resolved in quick time. 

What if you do follow the instructions?

The nature of the message appears in a manner, where most of the users do seem to assume that Yahoo indeed wants to upgrade the email. When the user follows the instructions, it then allows the hackers to steal sensitive data such as passwords and username.

So, to be on the safer side, you must make it a point to delete the email messages, the moment you receive the same. You must also avoid clicking on these links, as it invariably affects your Yahoo mail account.

To have a better understanding of the issues and how to safeguard your account from phishing attacks, it makes sense to contact Yahoo help support desk.

What you can do instead?

For any queries related to Yahoo upgrades, instead of preferring the dubious sources, you must do the following :

  • You can directly visit the official Yahoo.com page.

  • By visiting the official channels, you will remain safe from phishing scams.

  • If you have indeed lost the access to your account, the best possible option is to recover it.

  • To prevent any further damage, you can also change or reset the password.


If you are not able to reset the password for one reason or the other, it seems logical to contact Yahoo mail support team.

contact Yahoo support number

How to Contact Yahoo when it matters the most?

Quite often, you wonder how to contact Yahoo, if it comes to a point, where you are left with no other alternative? The official Yahoo page does have the answers, but the response is slow and does not really offer much of a help.

With no other option left, you are compelled to seek technical support assistance. To be in a position, so that you can consult with the proficient experts, it does seem right to use the Yahoo Contact toll-free number. In doing so, you have a good chance of making the recovery in quick time. So, by all means, you are free to avail the services, without having to endure any stress.


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