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YouTube’s 'Love is Blind: Fatimah’s Being Forced into a Planned Marriage by Her Parents
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    One of the main issues going on in the new series by Wanly Florexile, ‘Love is Blind’ on YouTube, is the fact that the young Pakistani girl Fatimah is being forced into a planned marriage by her parents. When she tried to explain how serious it was to her high school boyfriend, the Haitian teenager Robert, he kicked a door in anger, confused as to why she couldn’t make her own decision.


    Poor Fatimah. She doesn’t seem to want to be in this forced arrangement at all. Not only is it that she isn’t ready for marriage, but also that the guy she is being set up with is over thirty years old! Fatimah expressed her disgust when her mom was telling her the man’s age, but her mom stressed how he had his own business, and that love (like the love she has for Robert) doesn’t put food on the table. Still, we all know that whether you are a woman or a man, there are a few things you can expect right off the back when dating (or marrying, in Fatimah’s case…) someone with a significant age gap.


    First of all, when there are 5, 10, or maybe even more years between two partners, the older one may sometimes come across as bossy. This is because an older spouse may have been through a lot more relationships. In Fatimah’s family’s culture, this type of attitude may be taken to the extreme by an older husband, being that even Fatimah’s mom stays home, cooks, cleans, and seems to rely on her husband almost completely in the new series.


    The way that people look at life when they turn thirty years old makes them very verbal to whoever they are involved with about exactly what they like, what they don’t like, and how things overall could flow better, more peacefully and/or more logically in the relationship if the younger person would simply do what they say. He could end up being very pushy towards the young girl on YouTube’s Love is Blind, and she will likely be very unhappy being that she is now beginning to embrace life as a normal American teenager. She doesn’t want the old Pakistani traditions to mess up her future that she desires in a brand new culture.


    When a man is in his thirties and a girl Fatimah’s age get together, what can they have in common? Let’s use the same age group as an example in these types of relationships in our society again, being that Love is Blind touches on aspects our current immediate reality in 2015. Whoever is older in these relationships has to realize that their younger partner will likely be more social, outgoing, and spontaneous. This is not to say that they themselves aren’t active and playful at times, but the older one may not want to play so much anymore. This person may be more focused on work, while the younger partner may want to stay out late partying.


    Take this episode of YouTube’s Love is Blind for example. In the first scene, Robert and Fatimah talk to one of her friends about going to an open mic night so that Fatimah can sing. Do you think an older man like the guy her parents are trying to match her up with will be accepting of a possible singing career if she started to want to pursue it? I don’t think so.


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