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What is to be will be
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“What is to be will be”

At some point in life, and maybe every single point before my senior year I was literally a ball of depression. There was just too much to think about. I am almost sure anyone who has attended high school has gone through a period of utter confusion and dissatisfaction. But enough babbling, my point is, I have adopted a philosophy, “What is to be will be” to help me through college, work, relationships and life. How many times have you been there just stressing over a situation because it simply will not work out as you wished? Many a times I bet. Me too, and old me would get pretty darn worked up about it. But now this is how I look at things: If you did your absolute best (not the crappy rendition of your best, but all that is within your power) and that is not enough, then LET IT GO! Now I’m gonna show you how this pretty much applies to everything. In high school, I was madly in love with this guy and I did everything in my power to have it requited, but nothing worked. All I did was make a fool of myself, and I must say, I am not embarrassed at all. Now we have a great friendship and we laugh at the situation. But from that, I learned that not everything you want is meant for you. This is not the sort of guy that I wanted and I would have went to the moon and beyond for his love, only to find out that I actually don’t even want it. It also taught me not to put pressure on anyone. Whether it be a friend, a family member or someone you want a romantic relationship with, just relax and be you. If that is not enough, if you have to battle for their affections, it’s simply not worth it. Relax a little. Don’t take everything so seriously. Now let us apply it to school. For me coming to college was a bit more hectic than it needed to be, I won’t go into details but I’m sure you get the gist. I spent my whole summer running around making preparations to go away to college because that is something that I wanted so badly. Old Me would’ve been held back from putting I the effort needed to get here by doubt that my hard work would be for nothing. But not this time, instead, I was comforted by that small phrase and knowing that if an obstacle presented itself and I could not get pass it, it would not be for lack of trying. Eventually, things fell into place and all that taught me was how much I actually wanted this and how much work needs to be done on my end to get where I am going. 

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