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Top 10 Outstanding Research Paper Ideas for Your Paper
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While many students treat writing as something forced and boring, the process can turn a lot more interesting if you customize the task. The first thing to think about is your topic, there are many great research paper ideas, but you have to choose something that will be of particular interest to you. 

Fresh Paper Ideas That Will Impress Your Professor

  • Small business in your area and its struggles.

Small business is what really drives the country and gives new jobs or brings goods to your house. This is why it is so important to relieve it from additional tax burdens or political pressure. 

  • Dropout numbers in schools and colleges of your state.

In many places all over the country it became quite a common issue. People are not sure how to deal with the issue as you can’t make people stay in school. Check how the matters are in your state and what is being done to improve the situation. 

  • Child obesity in recent years.

It grew a lot and it is still growing. Child obesity is extremely harmful to the health of kids and ruins their social life. 

  • Death sentence and the right to life.

How those two are still existing with each other when it’s clear that they are clashing and contradicting? How does death sentence co-existing with unalienable rights?

  • Social media and influence on the vision of self.

Social media influences our self-esteem and it makes you feel unhappy and unsatisfied with yourself. The thing here is that it creates this image of perfect life without any worries that doesn’t match reality. 
Campus violence and political struggle.Just some weeks ago there were massive protests and attacks on campus with people protesting against Trump’s presidency. Tell the story of students’ protest in general and how they are similar to those happening now?

  • The new left and radicalization.

There is more and more radicalization in society and politics. People are divided by their views and it’s unlikely they are going to unite soon. How radical are modern leftists? 

  • Materialism and economic progress.

Materialism is the stigmatized trait of modern society and it’s often bashed among young people. How does it relate to economics and can you trace material thought throughout history? 

  • Divorce rates and the reason for the increase in unhappy marriages.

Divorce rates are growing and in many western countries more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. What are the reasons for it?

  • Biased media and its influence over the general public.

Everything has its ideology and some bias. Analyze its density in local media and how it makes up minds of people around you. 

Choosing Right Among the Best Term Paper Ideas

When you have many interesting topics in front of you, it becomes hard to focus and decide what you want to work with. Try to choose something you already know a lot about or have dealt with. If it’s still unclear, choose something that can help you in your future class you’re planning to take. This would give you some background on the subject. 

If you choose correctly, you won’t even notice time spend on reading books and articles. When a person is obsessed with a subject the process goes faster and even boring things become great. 

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