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Thugs Need Love Too
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    Okay, so if you have watched Love is Blind Episode 14 then you see that Mercy has recently been bitten by the love bug. You wouldn’t think that a person who is so thuggish and business-minded would fall for a lady that fast, but when he saw her at the bar he seemed to not be able to control himself. The man has a lot of game, and even though she is married she decided to go to VIP with him and have a few more drinks to talk things over. Before you knew it, you could tell that she was feeling Mercy, too.
    The young lady’s name is Charlene, and she is married to a gentleman on the show who has a totally different swagger than Mercy does. Her husband is a teacher on ‘Love is Blind’, and if you want to get a good look at the difference in the two guys then feel free to watch the episode here at this link on YouTube. Mercy is a street boss with totally different morals and goals in life than a schoolteacher. So, the question is, why do some women want something so different than what they have at home?
    The same question could also apply to Mercy about the type of women that he has dealt with in the past. If you remember the earlier episodes, he was like a hound on chicks…flirtatious, casual sex, etc. But now, he is taking it slow with this young lady named Charlene who, although she is the housewife type, still has somewhat “hoe-ish” habits. I say that because, even though she is not a street chick like Mercy usually messes with, she still is cheating on her husband, so she still has bad-girl tendencies.
    But, the name of the show is ‘Love is Blind’, and I’m beginning to find out that the types conflicting relationships where opposites attract are what make the show a lot of what it is. Watch Episode 14, and make your own assumption about whether or not Mercy has recently become a sucker for love!
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