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The Transition from the Streets to Living Legit
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    In Episode 14 of Love is Blind, Mercy balls out like never before in the show, taking a chopper from New York to Baltimore in an hour. He is currently dating someone who is the wife of a person who he doesn’t seem to yet realize he has approached before on a thuggish, intimidating level (if you’ve been watching you know who this man is, if not click here to check out the episode for yourself). But this article is not so much about Mercy’s romantic relationship (although I will get into that a little later in a different article). Mercy runs into an old friend of his as he enters the building where he has a spot in Baltimore, and things get tense for a few moments.

    If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought Mercy was about to get bum rushed on Episode 14. When he first entered the door to the building, the street boss crossed paths with one guy walking with two larger gentlemen in the secluded hallway. They both stopped and stared at each other for a few minutes, a long pause. One of the guys in the back pulled out his pistol and held it at his side. That’s when Mercy and the guy stopped testing each other’s cold stare-down faces and finally dapped each other. It was an old friend from the neighborhood that he hadn’t seen in a long time who had an apartment in the same building, coincidentally.

    His old friend from Baltimore was nicknamed Bricks, and had gotten locked up for about 8 years after getting caught with a couple of them (bricks of cocaine). Bricks had started writing books in jail, so you know he is going to be one of my favorite characters. Although I myself wasn’t incarcerated but for a few months in the early 2000’s, being locked up makes you think really heavily about life. I have to say that Bricks and I have a lot in common…we both decided that making money legally was the best way to go.

    In Episode 14, that is exactly what he is trying to get through to Mercy, that it may be time to get out of the game. But you know Mercy, he is happy with the way he is living, and even offers Bricks to come back to Brooklyn and help him increase his numbers on the streets even more. That is, before Bricks gets a call from someone saying that a friend or family member of his had just gotten shot. Mercy said “I thought you were out the game?” and reached for his strap. Bricks reassured Mercy that he really is out of the drug game, but just had to go handle that particular business with the shooting. That being said, you guys will enjoy Episode 14 of Love is Blind. Click this link to go there now. Peace.  

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