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The Manual : Things I learned in my freshman year
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First things first: Remember that you came to college to learn. Now, learning is not restricted to the class room alone. You learn how to live and work with other all throughout your college career which is a valuable asset for your future endeavors. 

  1. Rooming: Things to Considerangry
  • Room with a random person: it gives you the opportunity to learn how to adjust to new people and your surroundings. In addition to that, rooming with someone you already know tends to ruin relationships (of course this is not always true) because it is not usually what you expect and little things they do start to annoy you after a while, especially since you are susceptible to irritation as a result of stress from school work. 
  • Discuss the rules of your dorm room: take great consideration when it comes down to cleaning. It helps to create a list, detailing duties of each person for each week or day to avoid conflicts and a filthy dorm room. Also discuss the use of personal belongings (are you okay with your room mate using your stuff?)
  1. 2 Manage your time well: it helps to have one of those over your desk calendar or a planner to track your assignments. The last thing you wanna do is miss assignments or have 4 assignment to do in a two day space. enlightened
  • Set aside time for fun and partying if you are a party person. You don't wanna be working around the clock with no reprieve, you might become overwhelmed. 
  1. 3 Finals Week: The most stressful week of your semester, every semestercrying
  • Do not allow yourself to check out just yet: it is easy to get comfy with the idea that your semester and start slacking. Don't do it. This is the time to buckle down and maintain your focus. You would not wanna see all the hard work you put in throughout the semester go down the drain because you started slacking off.
  • Start studying a week before for each final: yup. Do not wait til the night before, or even days before. Give yourself time to get comfortable with the material and identify areas of weakness so that you may strengthen them. Meet with your professor if you have to sometimes because they are usually happy to help. I had one professor say her office hours were lonely because we never ask fr help. Help is there. Tutors, you textbook and your professors.

 Good Luck on your Journey!!

-Marri Belle heart

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