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The Freestyle Scene in Episode 13 of ‘Love is Blind’
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    Love is Blind just keeps getting better and better. I know you guys will enjoy the hip hop freestyle as much as I did. It was a nice addition to the already hot show that is based in Brooklyn. What did you guys expect? I mean, this is the birthplace of hip hop. The show just would not be the same if there was not a cipher in it somewhere! I am glad Wanly decided to inject this into the scenes on Episode 13.

    Still though, just like Crill, Mercy has his handS into the mix somehow. He is not against rap, but is always worried about whether or not the people that work for him are getting sidetracked by the music. If you remember on the earlier episodes when Crill was telling him how he rapped and was going to the studio frequently, Mercy told him that the rap stuff was cool, but it’s more about the money. Mercy is always on top of his game with the funds, and no one knows better than Crill. I was surprised that Crill wasn’t in the cipher on Episode 13of ‘Love is Blind”!

    Mercy seems to know who is out in the streets the most in the areas where they can collect the most money. MC’s usually have ciphers in areas where the general public meets up. In this scene on Episode 13, they look like they are at a park just chilling. That is, until someone gets that feeling and starts spitting! These MCs are really gutter, and speak lyrically from the heart. The soul of the neighborhood comes out as they say their rhymes, and that’s what I think Wanly Florexile (the creator of Love is Blind) wanted to make the audience feel as he filmed the scene.

Even though Mercy knocks the rap thing a little, he still respects it. The girl who walks over to him and gives him a fat wad of cash definitely knows how to do more than rap, but she also explains to Mercy why she rhymes the way she does. To her, rap is like therapy. When you live a rough life as the characters do in Brooklyn on Love is Blind, you have to have an outlet. In her and the other rappers’ cases, that outlet happens to be hip hop. Tune in to Episode 13 of ‘Love is Blind’ and see them kick those lyrics!


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