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The Best Research Paper Sample APA
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Are you looking for the best college research paper sample? This is one is certainly an excellent one that will assist you to grasp the APA concept in a way that you will never forget. The format is basically the most important part of a research paper because it leads to an appropriate presentation of the work. A superb presentation can easily end up in outstanding results even without the best content. However, a number of students have failed because of not emphasizing on the format. This must not be the case for you if you want to excel.

The APA format is among the most popular formats used across the professional fields. It is quite presentable and it gives your work a professional touch which is amazing. Moreover, the format is very simple to master. Actually, most students struggle to understand it as a result of the prejudice that it is tough. Well, the wrong attitude can cost you a lot of good therefore you must always cultivate a positive one. Here is an APA paper sample detailing all the elements that make it up.


An APA paper sample is written in Times New Roman point 12. The entire paper is double spaced. It begins with a Title Page and ends with a Reference page. These pages must appear on their own. You should have a header on the left and the page number on the right.

Title Page

This is an identification page. It contains the title of your work, your name, the instructor’s name, the institution name, the course title, the date submitted and any other information requested. Not all the above are normally required; you should know what you provide. This information is centered on the first page and no bolding, underlining or italicizing is required. The page has a header which is a shortened title on the left and the page number on the right. Include ‘Running Head:’ before the first page header.


A research paper has different section which are written in a specific order which is:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion

All these sub topics are centered on the page and not bolded or underlined. Some of them might have subsections depending on the work but these are the conventional broad sections that must be in any paper. Other headings can also be used in the body. Level 2 headings are bolded and written on the left whereas level 3 headings are bolded and indented and the text begins immediately after the heading.
All references are formulated in APA and double spaced. The in-text citations are written as follows (Author’s name/s, Date of publication, page number). Sometimes you only include the name of the first author followed by ‘et al’ especially when they are more than six.
This is simply the research paper sample you need to excel. Nothing has been left out in the guidelines.  Follow it and write a spot on APA paper. Let the format work perfectly for you and not destroy the credibility of your research paper.

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