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Selection Of 20 PhD ThesisTopics In Finance To Consider
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There are many PHDthesis topics you can think of and this can be confusing. It can also put you in a dilemma, especially when you are not sure exactly what you want to explore in finance. Before you can continue, visit your previous school work and peruse on your business related notes and coursework that you feel you can expound on. If you are still undecided, below is a list of topics you can choose from:

  1. The challenges of accessing credit and other financial support for investment and growth.
  2. Evolution of commercial banking over time and the challenges affecting new financial institutions. 
  3. The aspects of international banking; what are the rewards and risks? 
  4. An analysis of the various financial instruments in the market.
  5. Global economic crisis; various ways in which markets experience severe value decreases.
  6. Analysis of how to be free of financial debt in a declining economy.
  7. The effects of micro financing on children and women in emerging economies
  8. The effects of the different corporate social responsibilities policies on firm's performance.
  9. NPA comparative analysis in public and private sector banks, national and foreign banks.
  10. The vital chief executive officer and members' skills that affects firm's performance?
  11. Stock market investment opportunity in the oil sector.
  12. International financial standards in reporting and analysis
  13. Inventory management and budgetary control system.
  14. Comparison between Mutual fund and equity investment
  15. The effect of dynamics in credit ratings on equity returns
  16. Entry strategy and effects of export marketing on an emerging economy.
  17. Emergence of IPO as an investment avenue.
  18. Foreign direct investment and its effects on developing economies.
  19. Creating and measuring share holders value in new firms.
  20. The micro and macroeconomic factors impact on money supply.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that finance is a very complex subject and requires ample understanding and prowess in mathematics, statistics, economics, and in some cases computer programming. When selecting your topic, consider all aspects related to monetary resources including assets, liabilities, banking, investments and credit. Finally, it has been noted that most finance graduates concentrate in stock, insurance,finance planning/management economics, business analysis and many other finance specializations. To make your PHD thesis in finance stand out, ensure that you find a certain aspect in finance that is unique to the already studied areas or topics. Stuck with dissertation? Read about best places to find professional dissertation writing help and assistance.

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