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Problems Paying the High Brooklyn Rent
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    Anybody who watches Love is Blind realizes that Director Florexile always blends real life into his show. So, since the series is based in Brooklyn, New York, many of the aspects of real life there are blended into the characters. For example, Foot was at a dice game with Flossy and a few other people, and got a call on his cell phone. When Foot hung up, he had a really worried look on his face, one that his good friend Flossy picked up on immediately.

    Flossy asked him what was wrong, and Foot said it was the landlord. In so many words he told Flossy that she was going to kick him and his daughter Meeka out if he didn’t come up with some rent money soon. Flossy and Foot are tight, and Flossy told him that they would get it somehow. And, with that, the two of them quickly left the dice game.

    The problem that Foot had on Episode 14 with his rent made me want to do some research on the actual views on high priced Brooklyn rent, being that the show is set in modern day Brooklyn. Curbed recently did an article that mapped the New York neighborhoods that had the highest rent. In the piece, the data showed that Brooklyn in particular has some of the highest rent payments in the Greater New York area. This research was done in June of 2015 so it is pretty recent, and likely still stands for people who have leases in the borough. But, the fact that family incomes don’t really match up with what the rent is set at by the landlords in the area has many folks doing what they have to do (legally or illegally) to get the money to take care of their living expenses.

    According to the rental market reports at the Curbed article entitled “Rents Rise Across New York City, But Brooklyn’s Set a New Record”, in 2015 Brooklyn’s average rental rate jump a whopping 5.6%! The average rate for a normal-sized apartment this year was $2,961. That being said, if Director Florexile applied the average rent rates in Brooklyn to Foot (which is likely) and that is around the amount of money that he is behind on paying his landlord, the you can bet that he Foot and Flossy are about to do something desperate and daring to get that cash! Watch Episode 14 of Love is Blind on YouTube.


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