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My first year college experience
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My First Year Experience (in a nutshell) :

So this is my first blog, so bare with me. I've never done this before. Basically this is about my first year in college. I went away (like a lot of students do) and it was one of the best and worst choices I made.  When I was in high school, I couldn't wait to get away from my parents, just like most typical high schoolers are. My parents annoyed me, they were always on my ass about shit, and I was just beyond ready to be on my own. I was ready to be an adult, and to never have someone telling me what to do or what time to be home. I was going to be free at last. Something I was a long time for. After working 40 hours a week for the summer, August finally came. It was finally move in day. It only took 3 large vehicles to move all my shit in, but I finally did it. I met my roommates and we all clicked instantly. We became best friends and so comfortable with each other faster than we thought was possible. Carlie, Morgan, Marissa, and Lindsey were my first friends that I made at my new college, Missouri State University. Sure we had our ups and downs, like anyone would, but those girls were always there for me no matter what. They were then, and still are, some of my best friends. So, I went to college not really knowing what to expect. In high school, I never really had to study or anything. It just came easy to me. So I thought college was going to be the same. I knew I had to study some and go in to college with my "game face" on (as my mom called it) and do really well. So classes begin, and I'm doing well. I'm staying on top of things, doing well on quizzes and homework. Then the first tests begin, I BOMBED them. That was a bullet that hit me straight in the chest. The rest of the semester went okay. But slowly, I started skipping more classes and then I wasn't even going to one of them. Needless to say, I failed that one class. It was Biomedical Science. That was hard shit. Plus my teacher sucked. (I know thats always the excuse, but he really did.) Finally, that semester ended. My grades were not the best. I got put on academic probation and had a 1.86 cumulative GPA. Winter break began and my parents were on my ASS about my grades and how shitty they were. So I swore to my parents and to myself that I would go back second semester and kick ass in my classes. And thats exactly what I did... at first. Spring 2014 semester came faster than I would've liked, but regardless, it came. I jumped into my new classes so focused. I was always studying and doing homework and doing the readings. I had straight A's for the first part of the semester. And then this is the part where I screwed up. I started going out and drinking a little bit...and then a little more... and then some more. I started  ditching my classes because sleep sounded better or I just didn't want to or I thought it wasn't important. I kept getting more and more behind. And then I could never catch up. I dug my way into this whole that I couldn't dig my way out of. And then I stopped caring because I watched my grades drop lower and lower. By the time finals week came, I was only going to one class. Sociology. And that was the only class I was passing. It ended up being the only class I did pass. I ended the semester with 4 F's and 1 B. And a cumulative GPA of 1.32. Needless to say, I partied to much. Probably drank too much. Didn't study enough or care enough to do so. I slept when I should've been going to class. And all of those reasons (and probably more) are the reason why I came home (to live with my parents again...JOY) and to go to school at St. Charles Community College. Where I will attempt (and actually try) to get my grades up and GPA back up to a good standing. And where I will go from there, I have no idea. In the meantime, I'm just living my life one day at a time and taking what crazy opportunities that life throws at me. 

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  .   Sam Elliott
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  .   Sammie Smith
glad to see that u did not give in, I personal wish I did better in school and made the grades then i won't be where I am at working for a fastfood company that i am not happy with cause that is the only job I can get cause my education sucks ass..
  .   Chow lonsa
Everything will be OK!(ihealbox.com)
  .   Louie Autotune
well as long as you stay focused and stay in school you will go a long way so stay in school and keep your head up things will get easier
  .   Maria Nowak
I think you did the right thing going back home to your parents, trust me my parents are always up my ass about grades and all. Drinking and skipping class is fun in the beginning, but as life goes on your throwing it away as its coming to you, and once in a life time opportunities will pass by. But good for you that your going back on the right path, it will be well worth it!
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