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Interview with Djeff Gaspard aka G Money on ‘Love is Blind’
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    Ya’ll know I will have all the character interviews really soon, no sweat! I think that it is very important that you guys get to know who everyone is on the show. That way, when you view the characters on Wanly Florexile’s Love is Blind, you’ll notice the similarity and in their real personalities. One of these guys is Djeff Gaspard aka G-Money. I wanted to know what he said in Haitian when Robert told him that he’d just gotten robbed. So I caught up with him on an interview:



What’s your name and where are you from?


My name is Djeff Gaspard & I'm from Brooklyn.


Were you born in Brooklyn?


In Haiti.


That's what I thought! What age did you move to New York?


I moved here when I was 16.


How old are you now? I'm 33.


I'm 26 now.


What was going on in Haiti when you left?


Haiti was always Haiti. I was a young kid growing up with my Grandma. My mom left us when we were kids, and my father was in the U.S., and got me here when I turned 16. By us I mean my little brother and I.


Wasn't there a massacre in Haiti in 05'?


That's why I said Haiti was still Haiti. There was violence no jobs etc... I was a kid. I grew up in Jeremie, and I moved to Port-au-Prince when I was 13. I used to go back in forth but when I turned 13, that’s when I really stayed in Port-au-Prince because I re-united wit mom. Despite all the shit that was going on in Haiti, my father was still trying to get my papers together so I could move up here in the U.S. It was crazy in Haiti but it's like God was always there for me watching me because I was handful as a kid.


You said you were a handful kid. What do you mean? Did you used to get into trouble? I did!


Lol. Yes I was always getting in trouble, fighting. And I am really popular, too. People knew me… I was always in different neighborhoods. I had friends everywhere. I used to like fighting in school. But I kept my head up, I redeemed myself afterwards.


What did you do before you started acting?



Well I do many things. But right now I'm focusing a lil more on my rapping skills and acting skills. I do it all bro.



Who do you like? I mean, who is your favorite rapper? Mine is Redman


My top 5: T.I. Future, Young Thug, Kendrick Lamar, and Gucci Mane. I'm influenced by them


That's great that you let your character on Love is Blind, G Money, resemble how you can get a little gangsta when you need to. I saw it in the last episode, when Robert was telling G Money about how he had just gotten robbed. You looked like, I mean G Money looked like he was ready to bust a few heads. What did you say in Haitian language in that scene?


I said they lucky they didn't run into a nigga like me….I would have clap one of them - Gietmanman tout neg kap viv nan NYC sa yo. lol. Which mean fuck all these New York niggaz.


Lol. You cool as hell…Peace.


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