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How to Enter College Social Life
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Develop Social Skills in College from the First Week

Even if you are an introvert, try to be more outgoing than you usually are. During the first few days, make every effort to talk to as many students as it is possible. If you are going to attend any meetings, invite your classmates or roommates with you. The same concerns lunches and dinners: invite everybody. As soon as you develop a group, you have a chance to find real friends. Organize a weekly baseball game or get your new friends together to watch favorite TV show or even to write a research paper together. Student involvement in college life is very important.

Get Involved on Campus

Join every activity you can in the campus. The first year is perfect for joining any club. Most colleges offer plenty of organizations to select from and provide an opportunity of student involvement and meeting new people. It is very likely that you will make several best friends if you join a campus club. Do you need any more motivation?

Root for the Home Team

Even if you do not do any sports, you can attend sports events in your campus. This is a great opportunity not only for meeting people in college, but also for demonstrating the school spirit. Take a friend or a couple of friends and go to the Friday evening basketball game.

Bonus: Most colleges provide students with free tickets or at least discounted rates. Check with your college for special offers.

Get Extra Money with an On-Campus Job

If you studies allow having a part-time job, do not lose this chance! Usually, on-campus jobs are much more flexible and provide students with opportunities of meeting people in college. You can consider this as an opportunity to start your intended career path. For instance, if you study computer technologies, apply for a job in the computer class. This way, you will get a real-world experience and some extra money. Besides, it will provide you with great position when graduation rolls around and you are in search of connections.

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