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Helpful Essay Writing Tips
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Talking about essay writing tips, even though Shakespeare once said that “The pen is mightier than the sword,” the pen alone does not make you an effective writer. This means that even though you are experiencing a lot of inspirations, without the right skills and knowledge, you will never be able to write compelling academic papers. So, if you intend to be a better writer than you already are, here are some helpful tips. They are as follows:

Be Mindful Of The Introductory Paragraph: The introductory paragraph is every student’s first shot at impressing his or her target readers. For this reason, you need to pay significant attention to this part of your academic paper. If you are able to get them hooked within this paragraph, then you can be rest assured that you are on the right track.

Utilize Active Voice: This is one of the tips for writing essays that will always add a new twist to your academic papers. In writing your academic paper, always remember to use active voice as against passive voice. This way, your paper’s subject directs the action instead of being directed by the action. For example, “Hilda scored up to 80%” instead of “80% score was given to Hilda.”

Avoid Loose Ends: There are lots of individual pieces that make up each essay paragraphs and for these paragraphs to be effective in conveying your message, everything needs to be tied together. For example, even though the paragraphs are different ideas, there are ways to make them freely flow from one to the other. For example, you can use phrases like “First,” “Secondly,” “On the one hand,” “On the other hand,” and others.

Avoid Being Too General: Still on tips for writing an essay, for your essay to be strong and informative, you should avoid being too general. This is especially because you might not be able to cover enough ground with the few paragraphs of the paper. For example, instead of writing about a phenomenon on global basis, you can restrict your research of such phenomenon to a given country or even province.

Get Help: If at any point in writing your essay and you feel stuck, do not hesitate to get help. There are lots of reliable and affordable essay writing help on the internet and all it takes is just a few clicks and immediate help is right before you – in the form of academic writers and academic journals.

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