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Guidelines For Creating A Decent Research Paper Outline
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Before you start writing the text of your term paper, it’s advisable to create a research paper outline. This way, you won’t have to improvise during the process of writing and won’t forget to include any details related to your study in your paper. 
Making an Outline for Research Paper

  • Outline the introduction.

This section should start with a clear presentation of your general topic. Then, you should provide its background and explain why this topic should be studied. Lastly, you should state the specific questions that you’re going to answer in your paper. 

  • Outline the literature review.

In this section, you should inform your readers about the major schools of thought, theoretical sources, and previous studies that your academic work is based upon. There is no need to elaborate on each and every source that you’ve read, however. 

  • Outline the methodology.

This section of your paper should provide information about the methods that you’ve chosen to carry out your study and procedures that you’ve conducted to achieve your results. Make sure to include all the important details here. 

  • Outline the findings.

Here, the readers should learn about the outcomes of your work. After providing the figures, you should interpret the results of your study and indicate whether they’re different from what you’ve expected to get. 

  • Outline the conclusion.

In this section, you should wrap up the information presented in your term paper and indicate its importance for the field. Also, you should provide other students with a few suggestions on how they can continue your study. 
Sources to Ask for Help with Outlining
If it’s difficult for you to work alone, you should find somebody who will teach you how to write a research paper outline. First of all, you may show you initial outline to your instructor. They’ll examine it and indicate what should be changed in it to make it better. Also, you may invite a talented classmate to help you with crafting an outline for your paper. Their advice should be very useful. Lastly, you may hire a good tutor who will assist you with outlining your paper and taking other steps of your assignment correctly. 
Now, it’ll be easier for you to outline your term paper in a proper way. Don’t forget, however, that you should move to the step of outlining only after you’ve picked your topic and carried out research on it. If you take these steps in a wrong order, you’ll have to make plenty of changes in your initial outline.  

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