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Writing can be one of the most intimidating tasks. There is nowhere to hide when your words are on a page. You risk the feeling of being vulnerable. You cannot fudge writing. Once you have written it, it is there in black and white forever. These are only some of the thoughts and fears of those considering a writing career. Even if a writing career is not your aim, every career and avenue in life includes some writing, if you want to communicate your thoughts in any way. Some of the things that stop people from writing are not knowing where to get writing help, lacking experience, and not having a college degree.

Students can always find college writing help on campus, but where do those who are not students turn for help? This is a major stumbling block for those who are seriously considering writing. Many have something to say or teach, but they do not know how write it. Custom writing help is available. Searching for writing help online is an excellent resource for prospective writers. With online sources, like http://www.v-boardportal.com, you find the help you need.

Those who have a desire to write are often afraid to tell others. They feel they will be ridiculed. This is especially true if they have no writing experience. It is true, others will be harsh. There will always be nay sayers and critics. Just shut out those voices and move ahead. Get writing assistance from other writers. I have found writers to be one of the most open, encouraging groups of people. Perhaps they have a sensitivity because each one of them has been where you are now. The only way to get experience is to start writing.

You do not need a college degree to be a writer. In fact, some would argue that college may confine you to writing about what others tell you to write about. An enormous part of writing is fostering the imagination. This takes both time and space. College can impede on both. You are often sidetracked by other assignments, the commotion of college life and test taking when you are a student. Being free to write about what you want to, when you want to can be an advantage. I’m not suggesting that all students who want to be successful writers quit college, but I am saying this is not the path for everyone. Do not let the lack of a clog degree stop you from achieving your goal of becoming a writer. Like the adage says, “There are many ways up a mountain.”

Writing is one of the most ancient forms of communication. It is not only how we communicate ideas to others in our society, it is way human beings have communicated for thousands of years. If it is in your heart and soul to become a successful writer, do not let anything stand in your way. No one else can write your story.

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