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Dissertation Ideas In Education
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Dissertation ideas for education can cover a huge area and one that needs to be narrowed down if you have any chance of completing it within the timeframe. Here, we have broken down this vast subject into four sub-sections that should give you some ideas of how to approach this type of work.

Primary and pre-school education

  • The role of games and playful methods in the classroom for teaching primary school learner.
  • How a child's learning is affected by the mother-child relationship.
  • A qualitative analysis of monolingual vs bi-lingual learning in the classrooms of primary schools.
  • Pre-school education gives children the ability to handle social situations better than those who haven't received it?
  • In pre-school education which should be addressed: language and maths or character building?

Private and Public School Education 

Good dissertation ideas can be based on a controversial topic with many viewpoints that can be explored in-depth. When it comes to education there is nothing more controversial the public/ private schooling debate amongst educators and parents. Below are some suggested starting points.

  • What are the reasons for parents choosing to send their children to private rather than public secondary schools?
  • Why private schools produce better results and test scores than publicly run schools.
  • Are traditional school graduates better educated than those who attend private schools from 18 months old?
  • What are the advantages of private schooling over public schooling?
  • Should the teaching of special needs children be taught at public schools or privately when considering the individual child?
  • An analysis of public schooling in the UK and its decline.
  • Are drugs and weapons the reason behind the falling numbers of publicly taught children?
  • Can public schools teach the realities of the world better than privately taught students? 

College Education Dissertation Ideas

  • Should academic education be the focus of schools or character and personality formation?
  • Should apprenticeship and vocational training be taught inside or outside of the compulsory education system?
  • How increasing tuition fees affects college and university education.?
  • An assessment of the challenges of gaining special needs learning faced by students with those needs.
  • Is it beneficial to educate the genders together of separately?

University Education Dissertation Ideas

  • Understanding the core values of health care education.
  • The impact of increasing university student demands on tuition fees.
  • How universities are adapting to the shrinking specialised workforce.
  • Are the huge salaries given to specialists justified? A qualitative analysis.
  • University versus work experience: Which gives the better start to a career?

Hopefully, you should now have an inkling of a dissertation idea and this list has given you a great starting point. Go forth and impress!!

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