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Advice on How to Write a Paper in Common Formatting Styles
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When you’re working on a writing assignment, it’s not just the writing process you’re concerned with, but the formatting part too. The question of how to write a paper using formatting style is quite common for students who deal with it the first time. For a school or a college it’s usually MLA or APA, and you need some advice to see how it’s done. 

Learning How to Write a Paper in APA Format

  • Make 1-inch margins.

This is quite simple as the margins for this format are just the same for bottom and sides. You can easily do that in your text editor.

  • Use the common double space all over.

Double-spaced paper is much easier to read and work with, so it’s usually asked for in most of the institutions. APA also demands double space. 

  • Don’t forget your running head.

This is a page header that should be present on every single page you have. It has to be short and all capitalized. 

  • Do the title page.

There are some demands for this one. Your title shouldn’t be too long (12 words maximum), and your running head should actually include ‘Running head:’ in front of it. Everything else is quite simple: you don’t italicize the title, you keep it short and double space everything on the page. 

  • Citations and references.

Those also have some basic rules, but there are some apps and websites allowing you to do it online. After that, you just have to paste it your doc. 

General Guideline on How to Write a Paper in MLA Format

  • Use double space everywhere.

Just as with APA, you have to double space everything, even the additional pages.

  • Choose any simple font that would be easy to read.

You can’t really go creative here, but Times New Roman should be good. And it’s 12th size everywhere.

  • You can omit your title page.

This is quite relieving, you don’t have to do the title page if your task doesn’t explicitly ask for it.

  • Create a header.

You still have to use a header though. It should be double-spaced and include your name, name of your teacher, your class. 

  • Use page numbering.

This can be done automatically and it’s quite easy to do. Remember to leave out ‘p.’ in front of the number. 

  • Put your pictures or tables right after relevant text.

This way they are better located and the reader can see what you’re talking about instantly. 

Formatting can be easier if you use common sense and follow the guides. For some pages like works cited, there are online solutions that will make it easier. Check formatting before you submit your work to avoid mistakes.

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