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A Guide To Select Citation Style For Your Next Research
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Whenever a student completes writing the academic paper, the next thing s/he is usually required to do is to work on the citation of the paper. Besides the quality of your paper, what counts the most is how much it is abide  by the instructions provided on style, structure, and formatting of the paper. These instructions are given in order to give your paper a proper structure that can help the checker to understand and evaluate your ideas and standpoint coherently.

Among all the citation styles, the most widely employed styles are Harvard, Chicago, APA, and MLA. But the style you are going to use for your paper is specified by the instructor. There are slight differences between all the citation styles, to understand which here is a quick guide:

APA style, originated by the American Psychological Association, is used for the writings related to Education, social and behavior sciences. MLA style was created by the Modern Language Association and commonly entails the literature & humanities arts. The Chicago referencing style, also known as Note and Bibliography (NB) system, generally has its application in History or Social researches. Lastly, the Harvard style –mostly practice in the UK and Australia— of citation covers both scientific and social courses.

In-Text Citations
Attribution of sources used for the academic paper varies throughout their main styles. In parenthesis for in-text citations, the MLA style comprise of the author’s last name with publication year and the page number of the quoted data/stats, similarly in APA style the author’s or authors’ last names along with the year of work is used. Same is the case with the Harvard referencing style, whereas the Chicago Style allows the students to do cite sources by using footnotes having a complete author name, in this style the end notes are included at the end of the complete document or each chapter.

It is the most visible change that a reader can easily see. The papers that are written in Chicago or MLA usually has a title page just when  instructed by the professor, whereas in a paper written in APA style title page is  a must. Although, when it comes to the body, it is quite difficult to make a difference in all these styles. The abstract / summary is the requirement for APA and Harvard. Chicago or Harvard styled paper demands to mention a whole list of references on the bibliography page, in contrast the MLA and APA mandate that the students include a “Work Cited” and “References” page, severally.

Adding Visual Aids
Except MLA, the other three styles, namely, Harvard, APA and Chicago have certain guideline on the visual aids like tables, figures, diagrams, etc. The APA style mandates the researcher to mention graphical representations and research questionnaires as appendices at the paper’s end. As far as the Chicago and Harvard styles are concerned, when the student is using the graphics from any other source, you need make a reference to the source.

You should ask with your thesis or research instructors about the style s/he wants you to follow. If you are still doubtful then always keep in mind that the main objective of using citations is make your reader, if required,  consult your sources right away. Make sure to give considerable information in order to make such retrieval easy. Otherwise you also have an option to hire research paper service that are available on the Internet. 

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