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Care for Your Watches Like They Care for You
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Some are able to say that your wristwatch has become an extension of your arm; owing to some factors, including practical and aesthetic ones. You need it to keep track of time and other things, depending on your watch’s capabilities, or you just wear it because you deem that it complements your look. Either way, it can get exposed to the elements, and you’re not expected to wear it all the time! Therefore, you’ll have to put it away after use.

Some watches come with their own holders or boxes, but for the more serious collectors, you’ll probably want your watches be put together in one place. Don’t worry, because there are watch boxes built for that very purpose.

Get a cool spot for your watches to sit together

Discover My Treasure Box! It is home to Australia's finest selection of watch boxes and the finest deals as well; offering a price slash on all of their watch boxes, whose price tags are already inclusive of the shipping fee across Australia. Showing off a vast range of designs and sizes, My Treasure Box’s watch boxes are created to make sure that there is a suitable design for any preferred style out there.

My Treasure Box takes pride in their excellent customized customer service, which means that they will be also willing to take special offers in case a watch box for your specific needs isn’t readily available. With this, getting a transaction from My Treasure Box is easily worth it!

The interesting thing about the watch boxes is that several of them can double as jewellery boxes, which means that if you have both watches and jewellery, or you just want to share spaces with someone, then the watch boxes are easily worth your investment! Browse through their excellent deals at https://www.mytreasurebox.com.au/collections/watch-boxes. Get yours today starting at $89.00. If you’re interested as well, feel free to look at their available jewellery boxes in https://www.mytreasurebox.com.au/collections/jewellery-boxes.

A popular watch box offered by My Treasure Box is the Pearl Time Men’s Jewellery and Watch Box with Black Finish. Measuring 34 centimeters in length, this box’s sleek black interior and shiny gray interior is appealing especially to men. Inside is sufficient space for two watches, cufflinks, earrings (if you want to share the space with your partner) and spaces for a wallet and a phone. Coming with a lock and key feature to keep its contents safe, its material of high quality wood will guarantee that it will be around for a long time. Get this cool watch box for $149.99, marked down from $169.00!

Watch Maintenance

Regardless of its price, or what watch box you use, you’ll need to take care of your wrist watch. It might sound strange: some can even be immersed in water and get out unscathed. But remember, even if not all watches are created equal, they are equally susceptible to damage and wear.

Several websites have different tips on how to take care of your timepieces, and it’s good that they don’t really contradict; you can collate the information to properly care for your watches.

For example the website of Unwound by Crown & Caliber; through their website, they cited some quick tips that a watch owner can easily do to preserve his/her watch, such as cleaning the watch with soft cloth to prevent grime buildup, keeping it away from magnets especially for the analog watches, and limiting exposure to the sun.

Other sites also recommend taking out the batteries if you’re storing the watches for a long time either by yourself or preferably a watchmaker; and using silica gel in your watch box to protect from humidity.

Knowing now where to get the best watch boxes and taking care of your wristwatches, you are now set in starting your collection! My Treasure Box can be emailed at contact@mytreasurebox.com.au; get in touch with them today and grab one of their great watch boxes!

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