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Define your current mode of employment - Job or Career?
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When truly examining our lives, the topic of career versus job ultimately makes it's way to the top of the check list. This is the age old question that we constantly ask ourselves. And we all may define it different ways.

When we say, a job is just a job, we may in reality be saying, this is not my career. Or are we? Is this our way of denying that the path we are following may be our career? Maybe yes or maybe no. 

We can have a job that's just a job. Punch clock in and out times between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00 defining our day, nothing of interest existing within this framework of time. This can happen for a large period of our lives, depending on our current situations. And this is not necessarily a bad thing. This is all a part of the journey. Take what we learn from one situation and bring it into another in a positive and effective way. 

In my eyes, a career is the ultimate union between passion/desire and hard work/determination. This may not always work out in the way we imagined. Sometimes we are thrown off course, which in turn may lead us to another path that we were destined to find. You may even be so close to it, you may even be in the right place, but might need a push to the right or to the left, to get you to that spot, that place of excitement, that place of passion.

As it is often referenced, change is the one constant that we have in life. If we don't at least try, make every effort to take charge of our career path, make a change, we will ultimately stay stagnant and become a creature of habit.

So, start with today. Seek out what you want from life. Take a chance. Find your career. Who knows what you may discover. This is my goal for this year....maybe it's yours too?

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  .   johnwiltshire
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