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Frequently Asked Questions: What Regular Maintenance Does My Car Need?
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You know that your car isn't something you buy and then use forever without a bit of maintenance. That would end with you broken down on the side of the road before long. Bringing it in for service periodically isn't just recommended, it is the only way to ensure your vehicle stays safe and running well. Why is this? And beyond that, what even needs to be done? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by drivers like you. Let's break down the answer for you, so you know just how important it is to keep up with and what services are required to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

#1 You need your oil changed. This is one of the most important things to do and certainly not a Nissan service in Wallingford, CT to ever skip. Oil is the key ingredient to a properly performing engine because it reduces friction, provides lubrication, lessens wear and tear, and keeps the engine parts cool. Oil also reduces corrosion and protects your engine by providing a layer of protection between the moving parts of the engine. This helps to keep all parts from wearing down. Oil reduces friction, which causes permanent damage. If you go too long without getting your oil changed, you're causing permanent damage to your car that cannot be undone.

#2 You need your tires rotated. The reason for rotating tires is to equalize wear. You see, your front tires wear a lot faster than rear tires. This is because as you make turns there is more pressure on the outer edges of the front tires. In addition to this, actions like three-point turns, parallel parking, and U-turns put additional stresses on your front tires. Your rear tires simply don’t have to deal with the force and therefore wear out at a much slower rate. By rotating your tires, you will equalize wear, causing all of the tires to wear out at the same rate. Then, when the time comes to replace your tires, you can replace all four tires at the same time which is ideal.

#3 You need to have the fluids checked and filled. Oil isn't the only fluid your car or SUV needs to run well. Your chosen Nissan service center in Wallingford, CT will also look at your vehicle and see if you need power steering wheel fluid, coolant for the air conditioner, and even wiper fluid. This should be done about every 30,000 miles, so not as often as having your oil changed but it's still important. If you go to wash a bug off your windshield and try to wipe it off dry you'll know exactly why!

From better handling to smoother turns to increased safety, there are many reasons to keep up your car's regularly-scheduled maintenance plan. If you have any further questions about what your vehicle needs, reach out, and ask! The same place that offers Nissan SUV service in Wallingford, CT will be happy to provide you with the answers you need.

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