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Important Car Battery Servicing For Continuous Rides
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If you are amongst those who have opted for 'maintenance free' car battery just to avoid the complications of car batteries maintenance, then it is time that you gave a second thought to the issue! Considering the many times you had to face start problems (dead battery) problems, it would be far smarter on your part to go for a low maintenance car battery and religiously perform the car battery maintenance rituals. Keep in mind, following the right Car Battery Servicing Recommendations not only expands your car battery's life; it also assures smooth, uninterrupted trips for you.

                                         image source: pixabay.com

Truly talking, maintenance of car batteries is not an unpleasant thing. A little cleaning and some electrolyte level verifying and your job are done. Sulfuric acidity found in the electrolyte needs some precautionary actions like proper ventilation, protective would wear (gloves and protection glasses), etc. Car Battery Servicing Recommendations from the maker will certainly help you.

Once ready with proper car battery cleaning things, some Cooking Soda, waterproof greasing, Wrenches, etc. get to work. First of all, loosen the wire clamps and remove battery from the car. Thereafter, clean the top area of battery with baking soda and water. Remove all corrosion from the secure parts with the help of the steel brushes. Everything done, place back again the battery in the car battery holder and tense up the clamps. 

The other car battery maintenance tip that assures long life for battery needs you to examine the battery's electrolyte level before asking for it. The electrolyte should preferably touch the bottom of the marked level. If it can be found lower, you will have to add some water to increase the level. This will prevent the dehydrating out of battery.

Some battery renews guidelines like slow and routine asking for (recharging after each use) assures longevity to your car battery. The other car battery maintenance tricks are the use of suitable battery charger and never overcharge the car battery.

If these tips will not be able to help you in maintaining battery power, then you may do so. In that case, you will have to keep in mind proper car maintenance is synonymous with automotive car battery maintenance.

The two terminals that battery wires are connected to must be fresh and free of rust. Rust can prevent the wires from getting power from battery and stop your car from starting. Basically maintaining everything fresh can keep those problems away. Get a wire brush and clean the terminals fresh. If you want the best, you can remove the wires and clean the within of connector and the international terminals. 

Proper protection features are important when working with your battery. Ensure that there is no open fire around battery pack while checking it. Substances within are extremely combustible, so proper care should be taken while working around them. If out of the blue electrolyte gets on your clothes or skin, reduce the effects of it instantly with a combination of cooking soda and water. Always use goggles or protect your eyes. Use lead-lined or nonmetallic containers to hold the electrolytes. Always pour the acidity slowly into water, not the other way around and mix it in little amounts. Never trim over battery pack when asking for, checking or jump-starting your motor. Disconnect the negative wire first and reconnect it last. 

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