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Important Facts You Should Know About Language Proficiency While Giving
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One of the most important requirements to become a Canadian citizen is passing the final Canadian Citizenship test. Without passing the test, you are not supposed to allow in Canada and live like a normal citizen. The Immigrants should pass test by studying the official study guide of Canada- “Discover Canada”. The study guide includes Canadian history, geography, culture, political system and Government.

Canadian Citizenship Test:

In the Canadian Citizenship test requirements, you are being told by the executives that what is the main purpose of citizenship test? An applicant must know how the government operates and understands some general basics about Canada and its details. After all a citizen in these nations you will have the right to hold public office, work in government jobs and even vote in elections.

Once an immigrant accepts the value of Canadian citizenship tests it does make him or her feel that the applicant wants to push for the citizenship test to be given to every Canadian of voting age. Those who fail get the boot. In that case, applicants should take the citizenship exam very seriously and study the official guide thoroughly.

When immigrating to a foreign country, the immigrants are experienced with some new customs and languages. In Canada, a new immigrant applying as an experienced applicant is needed to complete either an English or French language test. Basically, French test is mandatory for those immigrating to the province of Quebec. In that case, learning to speak and read in English is really an essential and mandatory in Canada as the reason businesses and services are provided using English language.

Immigrants are especially chosen as permanent citizens of Canada on the base of their education, culture, work experience, knowledge of English and French etc. when immigrating to Canada, the immigrants are requested to prove their language proficiency test that is approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Canadian Citizenship Tests Are Placed In Two Categories That Include:

Canadian English language proficiency test assess the level of proficiency levels of general reading and writing skills. The potential results accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for immigration points.

During present time, there are different websites that offer online training program at affordable price. By purchasing the online training program, an immigrant can earn a vast knowledge of Canada practice test and how to pass it. The process of taking with English tests involves the following steps:

  • Make arrangements with an approved testing organization
  • Pay for the cost of testing
  • Include the results of your test with the immigration application
  • The CIC will use the test results as proof of your language skills
  • Language tests results are valid for one year from the date that the test was taken.

Moreover, it is true that the immigration is the backbone of Canada’s economy. It is necessary for ever immigrant from the time the country was discovered and every immigrant deserve the right to be a permanent citizen. By attempting the final citizenship test, any immigrant can pass the test with successful result.


The author of this article works for an affiliate marketer for Citizenship Coaching. Citizenship Coaching Online Canadian Citizenship test will help you to pass the exam at affordable price. Our online coaching program is the most comprehensive tool to prepare you for the Citizenship Canada test.

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