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Wondering about Backlinks? Know what matters- Quality or Quantity!
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It is directly proportional to the popularity of a website. If you know SEO or ever read about it, then you must have heard about Backlink because they are kind of key elements for the same. To make you understand more about Backlinks and its importance, we will address following points;

  1. What is meant by a backlink?
  2. How is it important for any business?
  3. What matters more- Quality or Quantity?

Backlinks have become very important for every business that is using Search engines and it is essential to understand this topic in a wide aspect for getting benefitte by its proper utilization.

1.    What is a Backlink?

It is also termed as In-bound links. The backlink is a link that directs others towards your website and its number is a sign of popularity.

Search engine Giant Google gives more value to websites with more number of backlinks. They can direct by means of directories, social media sites, blogs and other related content.

2.    How is it important for any business?

Every marketing strategy has a common aim, i.e. achieving higher ranking in search engines and backlinks can be a great help in this case.

One and the only thing that is one of the best factors of Backlinks is that it is capable of bringing huge organic traffic towards your website. While it is very easy to play with a webpage and try to achieve the desired ranking by manipulation, it is a tough task to influence a search engine with the help of external backlinks from any other websites. This is one of the biggest reasons why the search engine’s criteria for any other quality backlinks has become tougher than ever. The algorithm of search engines must be known for understanding the logic behind backlinks.

3.    What matters more- Quality or Quantity?

There were enough of discussions about quality and quantity of backlinks, but one thing that has emerged prominently everywhere is;

  • You can achieve a desirable ranking only if you have Quality Backlinks in support of your website.
  • Only quality links can direct the traffic towards you and hence will get you positive results.
  • The number of backlinks is a sign of the popularity as well as the importance of a website.
  • Higher is the relevance of backlinks, the higher will be its quality and higher will be your website’s ranking.
  • Google gives more importance to those websites that have a good number of quality Backlinks. So it will not be wrong to say that both quantity and quality should be given importance but Quality should be the first thing you should concentrate on.
  • If Backlinks are found on the websites with irrelevant content on the same, then they are not at all considered useful or relevant.
  • Every quality Backlinks comes from a good and reliable high domain authority website that is trusted by major search engines as well as users.
  • We can say that the better is the domain authority; the better will be your link. One can use authority checker tools for this task.
  • In every case, a high-quality Backlink is beneficial for everyone and that is because they are highly responsive and gets you much-needed SEO rankings. Quality Backlinks are reliable and can be trusted blindly for providing a better ranking and getting better business.

Sometimes Quality Backlinks can end up with some negative results. Have a look at them;

Quality Backlinks are no doubt highly valuable and are also very helpful, but they are time-consuming. Hence, they can eat your lot of time in building a single quality backlink. So, this can end-up in building the lesser amount of organic traffic towards your website. Therefore, we see very few quality backlinks. Reason for having fewer quality backlinks is that people have to put a lot of effort and time in this.

They might consume a lot of time, but will definitely more relevant organic traffic towards your website better than anybody else.

To Conclude

Throughout this article we put more effort into giving you a basic knowledge of Backlinks by explaining what is backlinks and how is it important. We also put more light on a useful question, i.e. what matters more- Quality or Quantity? You will now be able to attract more relevant traffic towards your website.

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