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Unusual Ways to Increase Staff Motivation
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There is no doubt that you have basic knowledge how to motivate employees although there are a lot of other unusual methods. So, let`s discuss them.

1. Motivate with knowledge. To achieve professionalism at any work, an employee should strive to become the best in his specialty. An enthusiastic person will necessarily develop additional skills by himself. Therefore, you can use knowledge and training as a reward and motivating factor. How will you do that? There are many ways. Direct on additional training, conferences, and training of those employees who have achieved significant results in the work, and whose successes have been recognized by colleagues. Make additional knowledge as an advantage to inspire workers to continue learning. Invite the employee to choose the training course and give him the opportunity to do it free. Knowledge is a powerful motivating factor. It costs surprisingly cheap compared to its true price!

2. Support a positive exchange of information between employees. Personal positive assessments of the work of employees are an effective motivating factor. Corporate culture, which supports the desire to give each other positive assessments based on the results of each completed task, increases the level of motivation and productivity. How can this be achieved in practice? First, you can develop a culture of mutual recognition among your subordinates by developing an incentive program that will provide for rewarding employees based on the results of a survey of their colleagues. When employees begin to recognize and reward each other for success, the level of their motivation will increase significantly. Moreover, group employee health insurance is a good opportunity to stimulate friendly conversations between employees.

3. Look for people with inner motivation. When companies hire employees, they are most often interested in the level of their competence, rather than the attitude to work. However, attitudes determine motivation, which has a major impact on the employee's commitment to learning and to quality work. Why not start recruiting employees with high internal motivation? It is much easier to train a motivated employee than to motivate a qualified specialist. Hire people who have previously demonstrated a high level of optimism, enthusiasm, the motivation for work and a desire for growth. To identify this attitude, you can use an interview or recommendations from a previous job.

4. It is very important to give some bonuses. It could be prizes, premiums, health insurance including HSA, etc.  However, do it in a small amount and often. Most companies have a common practice to give employees valuable rewards and to pay large bonuses to the results of the completion of the project, quarter or year. The awards ceremony for the best employees is rare and attracts the attention of all employees of the company. But usually, they have less impact on motivation than not such large, but more frequent promotions. Plan your expenses for awards and incentives to reward your subordinates more often. As a result, the link between work and results will become more evident for them. Employees will feel that they have a better chance of success.

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