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Travel buddy is your possibility to experience the adventure of your life!
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Travel buddy are two words mentioned by media quite more often than they used to be in the past. It's because of more and more popular trend of travelling. Especially low-cost travelling which became super popular among young people, students, singles but also young families.  

Low-cost travelling doesn't mean that people have to walk unbelievable distances in horrible conditions to spare money, but truth to be told, this kind of adventure is hidden there too. Basic principal is to save the most you can and spend money technically just for flight tickets. Accommodation is most often provided by inhabitants in the country, in camps, caravans and very cheap hostels, or in a modern way by "house-sitting" or AirBnb. People try domestic food in houses where they are invited by locals, buy ingredients and cook by themselves or visit traditional (= cheap) local pubs and restaurants. They want to know the country from the local perspective and not as tourists, experience some adventures, see non-touristic places. And this is where travel buddy comes on a scene.

Travel buddy - even a secret dream can come true

Who wouldn't like to see the small islands in Indonesia, float on a boat between icebergs around the North Pole, visit a traditional family in Nepal, surf on Bondi beach or eat sushi in Japan? There are so unfulfilled dreams but also so many excuses. Mostly the problem is money, but is it really a relevant problem? Statistics show that more and more people have actually the biggest problem with a companion for these dream-chasing trips. They don't have the right mate who would share their passion and a temper, who would like to do the same things and won't be afraid or lazy. Travel buddy is now a solution of the last possible existing problem that can occur.

Safety first - you always know who you travel with

There is a plenty of websites based on a travel buddy system which is the same on each of them. First what you do is a registration. Important fact is that you can't browse on user’s profiles until you create your own. Picture of a face is necessary as well as your sex, status, nationality and sometimes also hobbies or places where you want to travel to. But after that procedure is everything fast and very easy. On every site a filter exists where you type in all your preferences. Do you search for a girl between age 18 - 25 or a guy over 30 with some local experiences from a place you want to visit? Nothing is a problem and all this you can set up and filter. At the end you see just the best fitting matches which you can look over or also contact directly. Online contact such as Skype is eventually the best option how to make sure you have chosen the right travel buddy for your journey.

Second choice is creating your own journey on the portal. You can publish your own travel plan with all details and make it visible for all registered users. Then you just wait until a first interested people contact you, choose and decide who fits the best. Great option seems to be also to find whole group of travel buddies and maximize your potential for a lot of fun and adventure.

Buddy on the way, buddy in the life?

A well-known saying says that before you marry someone, you should travel together. What does this have in common with travel buddies? Travel buddy websites are no Tinder, but what happens very often is, that the people who meet each other on account of travelling together, stick together. Not necessarily as partners but at least as very good and close friends.

The very special attribute of travelling is that you see the other person in various situations such as stress or fear. You see how he/she responds in the face of adversity and how he/she behaves under pressure. These all uncomfortable situations show what is the person really like, because when you miss a plane and have accidentally nowhere to sleep or if you get robbed, then you realize whether the person is a support to you or more like an iron ball fixed to your feet.  This test of personalities can give you a friend for life, a best mate you can always rely on, or also the better part of you, who you want to marry.

Not to be still so positive, your estimation is always a risk and doesn't need to be every time successful. Your travel buddy can change and you realize the person is getting everything worse than if you travel alone. But there are no guarantees and if you don't risk anything, you actually risk everything. In this case you can risk an unfulfilled life at one place, which is worse than one bad choice on the way to New Zealand. Because who cares about bad choices on New Zealand?

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